US Confirms Indian Help in Evacuation from Yemen

List of countries including the US asking India for help in evacuating from Yemen

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Washington, DC – The United States on Tuesday acknowledged that following India’s massive rescue operation to bring home its stranded citizens from war-torn Yemen, the US have sought help of Indian service in evacuating their citizens as well.

Speaking to journalists at the daily press briefing, spokesperson Marie Harf said, “We sent messages – an emergency message to American citizens in – who had – in Yemen and posted on our website that advised – on April 6 that advised they may be able to leave Yemen on an Indian naval ship. We also understand that the Government of India may be chartering flights out of Sana’a. The airports remain closed, but they are open on a case-by-case basis for, I think, chartered flights. ”

Expressing her gratitude on behalf of the US government, Harf said, “The Indian Government has offered to assist American citizens with – and give them the opportunity to use these – either the ship or other ways to get out of the country. So we are grateful for that.”

On the number already evacuated, Harf said, “We’re aware of some American citizens, a small number, who have availed themselves of these opportunities.”

Earlier Syed Akbaruddin, spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of External Afairs (MEA) said on Twitter, “Requests for Indian assistance in evacuation from Yemen keeps growing. On last count 26 requests received.” The US was one of the countries in the list of the nations that had sent requests for help to India. A query on Twitter to Akbaruddin to confirm the final time when India will stop the evacuation process (as announced by them), did not yield a response, unlike prompt replies from US officials.

Harf urged American citizens to “encourage people…to go on the State Department website. That’s the best way for them to get information from us about possible ways to either get out or support that we can offer.”

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