World Cancer Day: Utah Town Holds Conference to Educate, Prevent and Cure Cancer

“Wipe Out Cancer” conference

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St. George, Utah – This rapidly growing town, located in the southwest corner of Utah, just 90 minutes from Las Vegas, came alive with a vibrant conference recently as a select group of speakers and volunteers converged to discuss prevention, including tips on healthy living, early screening and medical advice.

The “Wipe Out Cancer” conference was hosted to observe World Cancer Day at the Desert Hills High School auditorium by Oncotelligent, a St. George based non-profit organization promoting early cancer detection while offering free screening and personalized support for patients.

Commenting on the birth, growth and vision of the organization, Hari Eppanapally, who is closely associated with Oncotelligent told IAT, “Oncotelligent is committed to increase awareness on cancer prevention, cure and care by collaborating with global scientific community, pharmaceutical companies, hospital and NGOs on a single platform.”

Hari Eppanapally

“The Oncotelligent team has been actively focusing on conducting cancer screening camps to identify the affected people to provide proper treatment options at an early stage,” said Eppanapally, adding, “Also, working towards deploying latest technologies like genetic testing to identify potential people early so that they can reconfigure their life styles to prevent from becoming a victim to cancer.”

Encouraging people of all sectors to join hands in eradicating cancer, Eppanapally said, “More awareness is the need of the hour, I encourage more institutions and individuals to join hands with to work towards wiping out cancer.”

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Oncotelligent members, Swapna Setty, Charagondla Sridhar and Venkataramana Mutyala donated medicines to Jesus old age home Khammam on the occasion of world cancer day,

Swapna Setty said, “I never had much knowledge or awareness about cancer like many, but after losing dear ones to the dreaded disease I learned and educated myself more about it and joined hands with an organization called Oncotelligent.”

Setty noted, “To help poor people especially from rural India, Oncotelligent conducts “Free Cancer Screening Camps” throughout India,” Urging people to join hands, Setty added, “These camps are only possible because of the help from people like you who sponsor the camps in their own town or village.”

On the occasion of world cancer day, Oncotelligent India members, Sujatha Stephen and Rounaq Yar Khan participated in and supported a cancer awareness 5k run organized by Yashoda hospital in Hyderabad, India with 6300 participants.

Oncotelligent was launched by Pravin J. Mishra, who holds a doctorate in molecular medicine, oncology, from George Washington University.

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