Wang Yi Attends the BRICS Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

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June 10, 2024

On June 10, 2024 local time, Wang Yi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Foreign Minister, attended the BRICS Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Nizhny Novgorod.

Wang Yi said that over the past year, BRICS cooperation has been bright, fast and powerful. We have opened a new era of joint self-reliance of the “Global South” with expansion, and the BRICS’s appeal has continued to rise and its attraction has continued to increase. We have bravely stood at the forefront, achieved mutual success, and united as one, running at an accelerated pace against the wind, and the golden signboard has become brighter and brighter, and the voice of BRICS has become more powerful.

Wang Yi pointed out that, based on the present, the BRICS should stand tall and see far in the century-long changes. At present, some major countries have regained the Cold War mentality, pieced together geopolitical “small circles”, openly resisted the resolutions of the UN Security Council, and eroded the authority of multilateral mechanisms. The politicization of economic issues and the pan-securityization are rampant, and unilateral sanctions and technological barriers are increasing. Faced with the competition between the two forces of promoting the multipolarization of the world and maintaining unipolar hegemony, and the collision between the two orientations of economic globalization and “anti-globalization”, we should follow the historical trend, stand on the side of fairness and justice, and make the right choice. Looking to the future, the “Big BRICS” must have great responsibilities and great achievements. We must give full play to the strategic significance and political effects of the “Big BRICS” and build the BRICS into a new multilateral cooperation mechanism based on emerging markets and developing countries, facing the world, open and inclusive.

To this end, we must first strengthen our confidence in multilateralism and draw up a new blueprint for the future development of the world. We must continue to hold high the banner of multilateralism, take the lead in maintaining the international system with the United Nations at its core, resolutely resist acts that undermine the international order and trample on international rules, and promote the realization of an equal and orderly multipolar world and an inclusive and beneficial economic globalization. We must strengthen coordination and cooperation, light up the “Southern Moment” in important international agendas, and put development at the center. We must promote capacity building in the digital economy, artificial intelligence, and other areas in developing countries to ensure equal participation and equal benefits.

Second, we must strengthen our resolve to safeguard peace and security and provide new impetus for the political settlement of hot issues. History has repeatedly proved that Cold War mentality, group confrontation, and external interference cannot solve problems, but will create bigger problems and even crises. No matter how complicated the situation is, we must not give up dialogue and consultation. No matter how acute the conflict is, we must insist on political settlement. We must firmly promote an immediate, comprehensive and sustainable ceasefire in Gaza, ease the humanitarian crisis, and prevent the spillover of the conflict. We must support Palestine to become a full member of the United Nations, restart the “two-state solution”, and achieve lasting peace in the Middle East. The Ukrainian crisis is still dragging on. China supports the convening of a real peace conference recognized by both Russia and Ukraine, with equal participation by all parties, and fair discussion of all peace plans. The BRICS should adhere to independence, objectivity and fairness, promote the international community to gather a consensus on peace, and oppose taking the opportunity to incite a “new Cold War”.

Third, we must firmly uphold the original intention of BRICS to be open, inclusive, and win-win, and take BRICS practical cooperation to a new level. We should give full play to the resources and market advantages of the Greater BRICS, the supporting role of financial and trade cooperation, the guarantee role of energy and food security cooperation, the driving role of innovative cooperation, and the link role of cultural exchanges, so as to promote the quality and upgrade of BRICS practical cooperation and ensure that the Kazan Summit will achieve fruitful results. China has established the “China-BRICS Artificial Intelligence Development and Cooperation Center” to promote cooperation in strengthening industrial docking and capacity building, and welcomes the active participation of all countries.

The participating countries exchanged in-depth views on BRICS cooperation and international and regional hot issues. All parties highly valued the important role of the BRICS mechanism and the results of its expansion, believing that more and more countries joining the BRICS cooperation has accelerated the process of world multipolarization and promoted a more just and reasonable international order, and supported the establishment of partner countries. All parties called for upholding multilateralism, opposing unilateralism and protectionism, promoting the reform of the international financial architecture, strengthening and improving global governance, and enhancing the voice and representation of developing countries. All parties stressed that disputes should be peacefully resolved through dialogue and consultation, and supported all efforts conducive to the peaceful resolution of crises.

The meeting issued the “Joint Statement of the BRICS Foreign Ministers’ Meeting”.

During the meeting, Wang Yi met respectively with Lao Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Saleumxay, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, Brazilian Foreign Minister Vieira, South African Foreign Minister Pandor, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tayeh and Iranian Acting Foreign Minister Bagheri.


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