IIT Director Looks for Faculty, Collaborations from the US

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Washington, DC – The search for good quality faculty and establishing a string of collaborations with top notch universities and colleges in the US were two of the top priorities of Partha P. Chakrabarti (PPC), Director of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, during his recent visit to many cities in the US.

Speaking to Tejinder Singh, Editor of India America Today, PPC (as he is fondly called by all) said, “Recruiting talent and getting the best people into our system is our biggest challenge. Here is where there is a shortage of supply.”

Outlining what IIT is looking for in its prospective faculty candidates, PPC noted a need not only to have the fundamentals clear but also be able to explain them to the class of a highly intellectual and intelligent students.

“I am really in search of faculty,” said PPC, adding, “That’s why I am interacting with as many prospective people as we want.”

PPC also addressed his efforts to implement an internationalization agenda for IIT Kharagpur, adding “We have opened our doors for all sorts of people to come in and we are looking for joint collaborations with the best in class institutions for our programs.”

Director PPC with a team of IIT Kharagpur administrative faculty visited the US in early September this year and also interacted with IIT alumni in Washington, DC; Massachusetts; Houston, Texas; Miami, Florida and cities in California.

Watch: Full Interview of PPC, the Director, IIT Kharagpur

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