US Urges Bilateral Negotiations as Indo-Pak tensions Escalate

India and Pakistan hold Expert Level Dialogue on Conventional and Nuclear Confidence Building Measures in New Delhi (Dec. 27, 2012)

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Washington, DC – The United States on Thursday (Jan. 10) again expressed “concerns about this violence along the Lines of Control (between India and Pakistan) for a number of days,” but reiterated that two nuclear-armed neighbors should continue to resolve differences with bilateral dialogue.

Addressing journalists at the daily press briefing at the Foggy Bottom, Victoria Nuland, the State Department spokesperson said, “We strongly support their continued high-level dialogue that they are engaged in. That is the best way to work through these issues and end the violence.”

Highlighting the opening of trade relations, Nuland reiterated that the two countries should continue warming of relations “certainly on the economic side, which we hoped would lead to a warming on other sides as well.” 

“We’re all for peace, and what’s important is that the governments are talking,” said Nuland.

Earlier on Wednesday, Nuland had told journalists that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was aware of the rising tensions in the region, saying, “She’s (Clinton) instructed our ambassadors to work with both governments, which they are doing.”

 “If they can work it out themselves, that’s obviously best. If both parties were interested in support from the UN, et cetera, we’d obviously support that as well.  But at the moment, we’re urging them to talk to each other,” she had concluded.

Over the years, Islamabad wants to bring Kashmir and other border disputes to the international diplomatic tables while Delhi has maintained bilateral approach as the best way to deal with those differences.

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