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Washington, DC – Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) announced today that he would not be seeking re-election for his seat.  As a strong Harkin supporter I was saddened by this unexpected announcement.  Senator Harkin has made a decision to retire and hand the torch over to the next generation of Democratic Candidates. He does so with the words, “It’s somebody else’s turn,” I can’t think of anyone else better qualified for this position than former Iowa State Senator Swati Dandekar.

I first met Swati when I was working for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign in 2007-08. Swati was then a State Representative and served as one of my Precinct Captains. I was impressed to meet a fellow Indian American who worked so tirelessly to support Hillary Clinton amid her busy schedule as a State Legislator.

Swati was elected to this position in 2003. I could always count on Swati for advice and support when organizing events in Cedar Rapids and throughout Iowa in support of Hillary Clinton.

While I was in Iowa, she helped me organize several events. Most memorably was one in Marion where former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, General Wesley Clark, joined Swati. Thanks to Swati’s help in organizing the event, it was very successful and there was a great turnout.

After our side lost the Democratic Primary, she endorsed and worked tirelessly to help elect President Barack Obama. In 2009, she was elected to the Iowa State Senate from the 18th District. She served as a State Senator until 2011 before leaving to serve on the Iowa Utilities Board, a position to which Iowa’s current Republican Governor, Terry Branstad, appointed her.

Over her years of public service, she has built a strong base of supporters in Iowa and around the country. What impresses me the most about Swati is that she has earned the support of Democrats, Republicans and Independents by working across the isle and putting partisanship aside. In this era of partisanship, I believe she would be an ideal candidate to represent Iowans in Washington.

I urge Swati Dandekar to consider running for the United States Senate. We desperately need her leadership in Washington, DC.

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