US Secretaries Kerry, Pritzker Traveling to India Next Week

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Washington, DC – The United States on Wednesday (August 24) announced travel plans next week for its top diplomat to Bangladesh and India to cement bilateral relationships.

Announcing the travels, Elizabeth Trudeau, Director, Press Office of the US State Department said that Secretary Kerry would be in Dhaka, Bangladesh on August 29th to highlight the longstanding and broad US – Bangladesh relationship. Secretary Kerry is scheduled to meet with government officials to discuss growing bilateral cooperation on global issues. “He’ll focus on strengthening our longstanding bilateral partnership on democracy, development, security, and human rights,” Trudeau told journalists at the daily press briefing at the State Department.

After a short visit to Dhaka, Secretary Kerry would be in New Delhi, India from August 29th through 31st, for meetings with senior Indian officials.

On August 30th, Secretary Kerry would be joined by the US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker to “co-chair the second US – India Strategic and Commercial Dialogue.”

“Secretaries Kerry and Pritzker will be joined by the respective Indian co-hosts, the Minister of external affairs and the minister of state and commerce – minister of state for commence and industry, along with members of the US delegation and their Indian counterparts,” said Trudeau.

Director Trudeau further noted, “The S&CD is the signature mechanism for advancing the United States and India’s shared priorities of generating sustainable economic growth, creating jobs, improving the business and investment climate, enhancing livelihoods, and sustaining the rule-based global order.”

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