US Ready to Accept the Winner of Indian General Elections

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi heading for another election victory and second term

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Washington, DC – The United States on Wednesday reiterated its diplomatic statement on the eve of declaration of results of the Indian general elections saying it would “obviously work with the – whoever is the victor and whatever the outcome is there.”

In her maiden off camera but on record interaction with the journalists at the State Department, the incoming State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus said, “We’re very confident in the fairness and the integrity of the Indian elections, and we will obviously work with the – whoever is the victor and whatever the outcome is there.”

Highlighting the “very strong relationship, obviously, a lot of cooperation with the Indian Government on a full range of issues,” Ortagus said, “Secretary (Mike Pompeo) has said numerous times that we have a true strategic partner in India.”

On the magnitude of the election, Ortagus expressed surprise saying, “India’s election, is the largest exercise in democracy in human history,” adding, “I think with everything going on in the world, that’s a thing that we can pause and think about and certainly commend the Indian people for that brave act.”

With a staggering number of over 900 million eligible voters, the Indian General Elections are the largest the world has seen till date, so aptly named the Festival of Democracy.

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is a centre-right political alliance led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is a coalition of left and centre-left political parties with the Indian National Congress (INC) as the largest member party.

As the Lok Sabha has 543 elected seats, the arithmetic says any party, or coalition of parties, need a minimum of 272 Members of Parliament to stake a claim to form a government.

The results as they poured in overnight, showed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi led ruling alliance NDA ready for another five years of continuing to lead the federal government of India.

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