US lawmakers welcome Indian industry as CII unveils report

Nirupama Rao, Ambassador of India to the US, delivers remarks at the CII India Business Forum reception on 25 April on Capitol Hill, Washington DC as Senator John Cornyn, Co-chair of the Senate India Caucus, Senator Bill Pascrell and Congressman Silvestre Reyes look on

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Top American lawmakers, cutting across party lines, recently applauded Indian companies for creating jobs and helping the economy recover from the recession, while the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) released the 2012 India Business Forum (IBF) survey results, entitled “Indian Roots, American Soil: Adding Value to US Economy and Society,” at a star-studded evening reception on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.
Nirupama Rao, Indian ambassador to the US, drew attention to the fact that this interaction between Indian industry and the distinguished members of Congress was an expression of the strong belief and commitment of the Indian private sector to promote India-US commercial ties. Rao addressed a select audience of  featured representatives from more than 25 Indian companies, nearly 20 members of Congress, including the four co-chairs of the India Caucus, Senator John Cornyn, Senator Mark Warner, Congressman Joseph Crowley, and Congressman Ed Royce, and countless other business and policy leaders.
“The rapidly expanding India-US trade and economic engagement provides a key underpinning to the strategic partnership between our two countries. Of crucial significance is the pivotal role played by Indian industry in infusing bilateral commercial ties with great dynamism,” said Ambassador Rao.
“The continuous growth of Indian investments across different states in the US, in a range of areas of economic cooperation including manufacturing, services, distribution, etc. are inspiring examples of value based partnerships between our two countries,” said Rao.
Commenting on the survey results, Senator Warner (D-VA), co-chair of the bipartisan Senate India Caucus remarked, “This survey confirms that Indian companies are key drivers of US job creation and economic activity. I am excited about the growing number of R & D partnerships with US colleges and universities, and the high level of involvement of Indian firms with community-based non-profit organizations.”
Recognizing the opportunities that India’s growth offered for US businesses, Senator Cornyn called it a “special relationship,” adding, “Strategic partnership is one of the greatest achievements” for our two countries.
Senator Warner called India – US ties, “the most defining relationship of the 21st century,” saying that the relationship was now maturing and it was time to convert friendship into partnerships.
Senator Bennet said that he wanted “nothing more than a close relationship” between the two countries and supported open immigration for movement of professionals between the two countries.
Emphasizing the importance of the India-US economic relationship, Senator Menendez said that it was a “two-way street with partnerships in innovation and entrepreneurships benefiting the people on the ground.”
Favoring a liberal visa regime for highly skilled applicants, Senator Menendez said, “India as a democracy stands with the United States on international issues, including those relating to security that goes beyond trade and economic issues.”
Sandhya Satwadi, Director and Head of the CII aptly summed up, “This is CII’s ongoing effort to bring together companies of Indian origin with operations in the US, as a group, to interact with members of the US Congress.”
“Our aim, through the India Business Forum, is to highlight the range and depth of Indian investments in the United States and also to try and dispel some of the misconceptions associated with Indian companies. Indian companies are significantly increasing their footprints in the United States, in terms of investments, job creation and engagement with local communities, and are thus positively impacting the U.S. economy and society. This is the message we want to convey to members of Congress,” concluded Satwadi. (IATNS)

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