The United States and Sweden: A Strong Partnership for the Transatlantic Region and the World

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May 29, 2023

The shared history between the United States and Sweden goes back 240 years ago, when our two countries signed the Treaty of Amity and Commerce. Sweden became the first country outside of the combatants in the Revolutionary War to formally recognize the United States as an independent country. Our common values continue to advance strong, successful, and increasingly sustainable societies in both our countries and around the world.

The United States and Sweden also share mutual commitments to promoting democracy, security, human rights, gender equity and equality, international development and sustainability, and combating the climate crisis. Sweden is also one of our most important bilateral partners on the global stage in promoting innovation, democratic governance, and the human rights of LGBTQI+ persons.

The United States and Sweden: Strengthening Transatlantic Security

The United States looks forward to welcoming Sweden as the 32nd North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Ally, which will further enhance and deepen our friendship and collaboration. Sweden has a strong democracy and highly capable military that is already interoperable with NATO. We hope to see Sweden as a member before the July NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania.

We look forward to concluding a bilateral Defense Cooperation Agreement. Conclusion of the agreement will allow our countries to further deepen our close security partnership, enhance our cooperation in multilateral security operations, and, together, strengthen Transatlantic security.

Our two countries, along with Allies and partners, will continue to support the people of Ukraine as they defend their country, their democracy, and their cultural heritage against Russia’s brutal aggression.

Each country has made its own sovereign decision about what types of security assistance and what kinds of equipment it can provide Ukraine. We have seen incredible solidarity by countries around the world to support Ukraine, including from Sweden. We value Sweden’s contributions, helping Ukraine with the security assistance it needs in order to succeed on the battlefield.

The United States and Sweden: Building a Cleaner and More Prosperous Future

Sweden is hosting the fourth U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council meeting in Lulea. Transatlantic cooperation to address climate change, shore up our supply chains, and support a green transition are all key to our shared national security interests.

Sweden is a leader on climate financing and plays an important role in international fora. Sweden plays a constructive role in discussing burden sharing and the necessity of coalitions to tackle the climate crisis. Sweden’s innovative culture of combining stakeholders from business, science institutions, and local government serves as a model for other nations around the world. Sweden is also increasingly home to a robust clean energy and clean industrial product manufacturing base, from low-carbon steel producers like HYBRIT in Northern Sweden, to Northvolt – a leading battery producer, and many others. Sweden is a key partner in the First Movers Coalition, helping to drive demand for the green products of the future.

In 2022, Sweden joined the United States and other countries in the Minerals Security Partnership (MSP) launched to bolster critical minerals supply chains essential for the clean energy transition. The MSP aims to catalyze investments from governments and the private sector in strategic projects across the full value chain that adhere to the highest environmental, social, and governance standards.

During Sweden’s presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU), the United States and EU have continued to provide critical support to Ukraine while increasing pressure on Russia for its unprovoked aggression. Sweden has overseen the EU’s 10th sanctions package against Russia, shepherded an agreement to promote EU joint procurements of ammunition to Ukraine, and appointed a working group to investigate how frozen Russian assets can be used to rebuild Ukraine.

Sweden has also been driving the EU’s green and energy transition, achieving during its presidency agreements on energy efficiency, industrial and maritime emissions, alternative fuels infrastructure, and more. Sweden’s contributions to EU competition policy will help reduce the EU’s strategic dependencies and further strengthen Transatlantic economic ties.

The United States and Sweden: Partners in the Arctic

The United States envisions the Arctic as a region free of conflict, where nations act responsibly, and where economic development and investment takes place in a sustainable, secure, and transparent manner that respects the environment and the interests and cultures of Indigenous peoples.

The United States remains committed to peaceful cooperation in the region, especially through the Arctic Council. We will work with Norway as the Chair of the Arctic Council and likeminded Allies and partners to determine the appropriate approach for continuing the important work of the Arctic Council.

In 2022, the United States released a new National Strategy for the Arctic Region and created new senior positions to advocate for our interests, including the first-ever U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Arctic Affairs. We are committed to this vital and changing region – the importance of which will only grow in the coming decades.

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