The 2021 Ambassadorial Holiday Party hosted by Ranju & Ravi Batra was dedicated to “2022 – the Year of Hope”

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Covid-based absences were duly noted with all protocols observed. Birthdays of Lika Imnadze, Natalia Rybakova, and Akmaral Ilyassov were announced, and those present were celebrated.

Then Belgium’s Baroness and UN’s ASG Michele Coninsx was celebrated for her tenure as head of UNSC’s CTED, and her courageous and selfless devotion to Counter-Terrorism, so as to keep all nations as safe as possible from the scourge of Terror.

Finally, the Toasts to Hope by all followed. Participating were Morocco, Belarus, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, El Salvador, Kiribati, Eritrea, Australia, Philippines, Andorra, Lithuania – Omar Hilale, Valentin Rybakov, Darja Bavaz-Kuret, Magzhan Ilyassov, Egriselda Lopez, Teburoro Tito, Sophia Tesfamariam, Mitch FiField, Enrique A. Manolo, Elisenda Vives Balamana, Rytis Paulauskas, Michele Coninsx (with Leila UNOCT),  Edmund Fitton-Brown (Sanctions Comm), and Jonathan Brewer (Coordinator, 1504-Committee). UN Honor system was at-work and Covid-concern-based excused were: PGA76 Abdulla Shahid, Lika & Kaha Imnadze, Thilmeeza Hussain, ASG Mohamed Khaled Khiari, Tarek El Adab, T.S. Tirumurti, Olof Skoog, Osama Abdelkhalek, Maged Abdelaziz, Yashar Aliyev, Krzysztof Szczerski. Required to be in DC with their Ministers: Jean-Claude Do Rego, and Bostjan Malovrh.

Also, included, is Malta’s celebration by Amb. Vanessa Frazier, and Belgium Amb. Phillippe Kridelka’s celebration of ASG Coninsx with USG Vladimir Voronkov.

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