Summit in Saudi Arabia: How to End the War in Ukraine

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The main topic of the Summit in Saudi Arabia, which took place this weekend, was the Ukrainian Peace Formula of President Zelensky.

The meeting was attended by representatives of more than 40 countries of the world, both Western countries such as the USA and Germany, and developing countries such as China, India, South Africa, Indonesia, Egypt, Mexico and others.

The meeting was held at the level of national security advisors. In particular, the US delegation was led by national security adviser Jake Sullivan, and the German delegation by Jens Pletner, Chancellor Scholz’s foreign policy adviser.

One of the tasks of the Summit was the “consolidation of various peace plans”, in particular those of China, Africa and Brazil, with the Ukrainian Peace Formula.

The participating countries showed their commitment to the principles of the UN Charter, international law and respect for the sovereignty and inviolability of the territorial integrity of states. At the Summit, agreement was reached on the main points of the peace solution, such as the “territorial integrity and sovereignty” of Ukraine.

According to the participants of the Summit, the first important step towards developing a vision of global peace has been made.

*Yuriy Sergeyev, Ukrainian Peace Council

* H. E. Yuriy Sergeyev
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The America Times was re-born on September 11, 2021, with the goal to better inform our leaders and policymakers of nuances, beyond conventional wisdom, to successfully address present day “Gordion Knots,” sometimes as Alexander the Great did by cutting it and other times by tediously unraveling it. During January 2022, diplomacy is at a fever pitch in Washington D.C., Moscow, Kyiv, Vienna, Geneva and Brussels, as a 100,000 Russian troops are keeping Ukraine’s borders “warm” in the Russian Winter. And, starting January 1st, five days before our one-year anniversary of our January 6th, Kazakhstan experienced peaceful protects, taken over by organized violent, radical, terrorist insurrection, and President Tokayev sought CSTO Peacekeepers to come and leave, restored law & order, and is now causing major reforms to secular democratic Kazakhstan. Given the CSTO success in Kazakhstan, we can hope - updating James A. Baker's Dec 5, 1993 Op-Ed in LA Times - that NATO & CSTO can merge to achieve President Biden’s goal of a united, free and stable Europe.

We are honored and privileged to have H. E. Yuriy Sergeyev  – a geopolitical and diplomatic star of Ukraine, including, having served as Permanent Representative to the United Nations from 2008 to 2016, and as a non-member represented Ukraine in the UNSC from 2014 - 2016, and has served as a bilateral ambassador to Greece, Albania, France, the Bahamas, and UNESCO

– join the Honorary Board of Advisors & Columnists of The America Times in recognition of his excellence and record of contributions. Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev’s life experiences and diplomatic service, including, teaching at Yale University, helps him to better decipher the unshared motives of geopolitical leaders and unspoken goals of geopolitical events, which he will share from time to time on our pages. This will serve to form a more perfect nation, and world, and thereby enhance both regional and global peace and security.

Benjamin Franklin famously said in 1787: “It’s a republic madam, if you can keep it.” Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev’s contributions in The America Times will help us keep our Republic. Please enjoy his accomplishments, along with a few pictures – in various settings, including, in the UNSC, and with his colleagues as he is honored with the Diwali Power of One award at the United Nations Trusteeship Council, the Oscars of Diplomacy, in 2017.

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H. E. Yuriy Sergeyev

Ambassador Dr. Yuriy Sergeyev is a Ukrainian diplomat and scholar.

From 1992 to 2016, he held senior positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine - Director of the Information Department, Chef de Cabinet, First Deputy Minister, Secretary of State, and was also the Ambassador of his country to Greece, Albania, France, the Bahamas, UNESCO, the United Nations. As the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Ambassador Sergeyev was elected by the UN General Assembly as Chairman of the 18th Meeting of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (2008-2009), Vice-Chairman of the Peacebuilding Commission for the period 2011-2012; Chairman of the Sixth (Legal) Committee (2012-2013). From February 2014 to 2016 he represented his country in the UN Security Council in the debates related to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Dr. Sergeyev has the diplomatic rank of Ambassador of Ukraine (2000) and the first rank of civil servant (2001 ).

As a scholar Ambassador Sergeyev holds master degree from Kyiv State University and PhD from the Institute of Linguistics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1987). He taught at Kyiv State University (1981-1991 ), Polytechnic and Agricultural Institute of Katibugu in Mali (1984-1986), Yale University (2016-2020). Since 2017 he has been a visiting lecturer at the UNITAR (the United Nations Institute for Training and Research).

Ambassador Sergeyev is a member of the boards of directors of the World Information Transfer, the Ukrainian Peace Council, the Ukrainian Foreign Policy Association; Member of the Board of Trustees of the Ukrainian Academy of Music.

He was awarded the State Orders of Ukraine “For Merit” (Officer - 2003; Grand Officer - 2006), orders and medals of the Ministry of Ukraine and of foreign states.  Yuri Sergeyev is married to Dr. Natalia lvashyna

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