Statement delivered by Ambassador Joonkook Hwang, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations, at the Security Council briefing on Threats to International Peace and Security: Ukraine

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January 22, 2024

Ambassador Joonkook Hwang said that the United Nations and its principles have been under attack since the Russian Federation began its illegal armed invasion of Ukraine.

Short-range ballistic missiles supplied by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to the Russian Federation hit Ukraine on 30 December, 2 January and 6 January, he recalled, warning that “the introduction of North Korean missiles into the war in Ukraine has a significant implication on global nuclear non-proliferation as well as on the Korean Peninsula”.

Emphasizing that Moscow’s use of Pyongyang’s weapons directly violates multiple Council resolutions, he added that these military transactions generate revenue that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea can use to further develop its illegal missile programmes.

The recent visit of Pyongyang’s Minister for Foreign Affairs to Moscow is alarming and indicates an interest in continuing military cooperation – which Seoul condemns, he said.

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