Statement by the Permanent Representative Ambassador Ronaldo Costa Filho on Ukraine

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November 16, 2022

Mr President,

I thank USG DiCarlo for her briefing. Brazil shares the concerns regarding the worsening humanitarian situation in Ukraine and the impact of the conflict on food security in other regions. Since the start of hostilities, we have advocated for the parties to engage in negotiations for a ceasefire and a peaceful solution to their differences.

The Black Sea initiative, which has already enabled exports of more than 10 million metric tons of grain, has been an important step. Brazil welcomes the decision of the Russian Federation to reconsider the suspension of its participation, following the incidents of 29 October.

While the conflict in Ukraine is not the only cause of the food insecurity we now face, the continuation of grain and fertilizer exports through the Black Sea ports helps stabilize prices and prevent shortages. Fragilities in global food supply stem from systemic actions, over past decades, that have hindered the development of the agricultural sector throughout the developing world, in particular in Africa. Among these, we must recognize the deleterious impact of massive agricultural subsidies and distorting tariff and non-tariff barriers that hinder agricultural production in developing countries.

We renew our support for the mediation efforts of the Secretary General and the Republic of Türkiye. We encourage the parties to engage in the immediate extension of the grain initiative, which we see as a necessary decision and an important confidence-building measure.

Mr President,

The approach of winter finds Ukrainian cities in an alarming situation. The destruction of civil infrastructure, particularly in the energy sector, exposes millions of families to life-threatening conditions. Brazil strongly condemns the attacks against residential areas and civilian facilities, for which there is no justification. We urge all parties to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law and to adopt practical measures to minimize civilian injuries and damages on the ground.

At this challenging time, the international community needs to stand together in humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. Since March, contributions of food and medical supplies have been shipped from our country to Ukraine. In the coming weeks, Brazil will send 24 additional tons of rice, donated by the private sector. The Brazilian government has also simplified entry requirements in order to facilitate the reception of refugees.

It is encouraging to see that this wave of solidarity is observed in dozens of countries. We urge governments and the private sector to engage in similar initiatives, which have never been more urgent since the beginning of the conflict.

Mr President,

Finally, we renew the call for the parties to return to the negotiating table without delay. We encourage other members to explore ways to foster dialogue. There is no more urgent task facing the United Nations than the search for an immediate ceasefire, without preconditions.

Thank you.

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