Statement by H.E. The Hon. Mitch Fifield, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Australia to the United Nations

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2 March 2022


 As delivered

 Mr President

The international community has spoken.

We, the peoples of the United Nations, have spoken.

Loud and clear. 141. 5.

We have chosen the path of peace.

We have chosen to stand with Ukraine and work together against the scourge of war.

President Zelenskyy and the people of Ukraine.

Today we have sent you the strongest sign that we are with you.

Through this resolution, we have shown that we will not let you go.

President Zelenskyy and the people of Ukraine.

Life will win over death, and light will win over darkness.

We have spoken

  • in defence of the UN Charter
  • in defence of the rules-based international order
  • and in support of the people of Ukraine.

The success of this vote takes us forward.

But it is just the beginning.

We will not stop not until the people of Ukraine are able to live in peace

  • in their independent and sovereign nation
  • within its internationally recognised borders.

We urge all Member States to continue to support every effort from every angle

  • to end Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine
  • and to promote the cause of peace.

We urge Member States to impose the highest costs on Russia for its aggression, as Australia and many other friends of Ukraine have done.

We urge our fellow Member States to continue to provide humanitarian support to the Ukrainian people

  • now more vital than ever with more than 500,000 Ukrainians having already fled their homes.

As our Prime Minister has said, as our Foreign Minister has said, Australia stands in absolute solidarity with Ukraine.

There is no justification for Russia’s actions

  • they are illegal
  • they are unjustified
  • they are unprovoked.

We, the peoples of the United Nations, will not stand by and let Russia bully its neighbour.

Today, Russia thought it could divide us. IT. DID. NOT.

We stand together.

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