Statement by Ambassador Martin Kimani, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Kenya to the United Nations, at the UNSC meeting to adopt the resolution authorizing the MSS Mission to Haiti

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October 2, 2023

Thank you, Mr. President,

  1. Kenya’s delegation congratulates you on the assumption of the Presidency of the Security Council for the month of October.
  2. We unreservedly commend the Security Council and its esteemed membership for the judicious adoption of Resolution 2699/2023.
  3. Our special accolades extend to the co-penholders, the United States and Ecuador, whose tireless efforts have yielded a balanced resolution that accords with Haiti’s imperative needs.
  4. With this action, the Council has ignited a beacon of hope for the beleaguered people of Haiti by authorising Member States to inaugurate a Multinational Security Support Mission. We are steadfast in our belief that your adoption of this resolution will be a seminal contribution to the renaissance of Haiti’s security and a catalyst for the fortification of governance, socio-economic uplift, and the rule of law.
  5. In the spirit of solidarity and collective responsibility, and in response to the clarion call of the Haitian authorities and the Secretary-General, Kenya signaled its willingness to spearhead this Security Council-mandated initiative.
  6. His Excellency President William Ruto, during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on the 21st of September, implored this Council to promulgate a tailored Chapter Seven resolution to meet Haiti’s unique requirements. You, esteemed members of the Council, answered his call with an exemplary spirit of cooperation.
  7. We invite member states to contribute as active participants, providing personnel, funds, vital equipment, and logistical support to the Multinational Security Support Mission.
  8. Kenya reaffirms its commitment to closely collaborate with Haiti’s allies, especially CARICOM member states and nations of benevolent disposition, in constituting and operationalising this mission in accordance with this resolution.
  9. In the forthcoming weeks, Kenya, in concert with other contributing nations, will apprise this august Council on the substantive preparations for the mission’s deployment.
  10. Once again, Kenya salutes the Security Council on this accomplishment and reaffirms its unwavering solidarity with Haiti and its resilient people.

I thank you

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