Statement by Ambassador Joonkook Hwang, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Korea to the UN, at the UN Security Council Meeting on the Situation in the Red Sea

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January 12, 2023

Ambassador Joonkook Hwang reiterated the vital importance of assuring free and safe navigation in the Red Sea — through which some 15 per cent of global sea trade passes.  Stressing that attacks against commercial vessels are unacceptable under any circumstances, he noted that the Houthis’ attacks have continued — posing threats to both lives and the global economy.

He recalled that resolution 2722 (2024), adopted only two days ago, clearly stipulates Member States’ right, in accordance with international law, to defend their vessels from attacks. This includes those that undermine navigational rights and freedoms.

He again urged the Houthis to refrain from dangerous provocations and to immediately release the Galaxy Leader and her crew, also stressing the importance of preventing further spillover from the precarious situation in the region.

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