Statement by Ambassador Gilad Menashe Erdan, Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations, at a UN Security Council Briefing on the Situation in the Middle East

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November 29, 2023

Ambassador Gilad Menashe Erdan recalled that on 29 November 1947, the United Nations adopted a partition plan and the establishment of the Jewish State.  However, the Arab States rejected that resolution and tried to annihilate Israel.

Today, 76 years later, history is repeating itself.  A century ago, more than one million Jews lived in Arab countries, but now there are only a couple of thousands left.

The genocidal ideology of Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, continues to poison many Arab minds and Israel is defending itself from this ideology.  Yahya Sinwar, Ismail Haniyeh, Hassan Nasrallah, the Houthis and the Ayatollahs in Iran are all driven by the same goal of Israel’s annihilation and the mass murder of Jews.

“It’s time for the Security Council to address this evil, before another atrocity is committed,” he said.

Anyone who supports a ceasefire supports Hamas’ continued reign of terror in Gaza, he said, adding that it is paradoxical to call for both a ceasefire and peace.

“Every call for a ceasefire means Hamas gets to live to see another day.”

Iran, which publicly supports the 7 October massacre, armed, funded and trained Hamas, he said, adding: “This Council must also not remain silent about the Shiite elephant in the room.”

Meanwhile, the United Nations has been co-opted by those that have no real interest in a solution.

“Every UN body has been weaponized against Israel.”

Reiterating that Israel strives for peace while the Palestinians strive for war, he said that his country has facilitated the establishment of field offices, opened humanitarian corridors and approved the entry of fuel.

The only way to dramatically improve the situation is to support Israel’s mission to eradicate Hamas’ terror capabilities, he stated, adding that the war can end today if Hamas returns all hostages and turns in all terrorists that took part in the massacre.

“Demand this from Hamas.  This is the solution,” he said.

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