Statement by Ambassador Barbara Woodward at the UN Security Council meeting on Yemen

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UK urges all parties to build on truce-like conditions in Yemen and pave the way for a UN-led Yemeni-Yemeni peace process: UK statement at the Security Council

16 August 2023

Thank you, President, and I would like to start by thanking Special Envoy Grundberg, Director Worsornu and Ms Amat Al-Salam for their briefings.

I would also like to join others in condemning the murder of WFP staff member Moayad Hameidi, and echo briefers’ condolences to his family and his friends.

I also want to join others in congratulating the United Nations, the Dutch Salvage company, SMIT, and all who were involved in the successful transfer of oil from the SAFER tanker to the Yemen. The successful completion of this operation demonstrates what can be achieved when all actors work together in the interests of Yemen and its people.

Taking encouragement from the achievement, the UK urges all parties to work together to build on the truce-like conditions in Yemen and pave the way for a UN-led Yemeni-Yemeni peace process. In particular, it is essential that the Presidential Leadership Council remain united towards one common goal: a lasting and inclusive peace for the Yemeni people. An inclusive peace process under UN auspices is the only pathway to end permanently this war.

Madam President, Houthi attacks and continued threats to prevent oil exports from Government controlled areas are severely impacting Yemen’s economy. These attacks on the economy are attacks on the livelihoods and services for some of the most vulnerable people in Yemen. And we urge the Houthis to stop these attacks.

The UK welcomes the recent deposit of $250 million from Saudi Arabia, as the first tranche of a generous $1.2 billion pledge of economic support.

As Director Worsornu said, the Government of Yemen will remain dependent on external financing to provide basic services and pay public salaries until the Houthis stop their economic warfare and the Government can generate its own revenues.

Colleagues, in spite of the relative peace in Yemen over the last 18 months, the humanitarian situation remains dire. We continue to see impediments to the free movement of female aid workers to deliver assistance to women in need; to independent monitoring and assessment missions; and to the fair selection of humanitarian service providers. The humanitarian response is already severely underfunded. These impediments pose additional, and entirely avoidable, burdens on the humanitarian effort and ultimately on the Yemeni people. We urge the Houthis to lift restrictions and allow unfettered access of humanitarian aid.

Finally, President, the UK reiterates its call for the unconditional release of all Baha’i’s detained by the Houthis.

Thank you.

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