Speech by Foreign Minister Baerbock on the situation in Ukraine at the meeting of the United Nations Security Council

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February 24,


The representative of Russia asked why we Europeans are here today. I can tell you that.

I was fortunate to live in peace in Europe all my life, like millions of people of my generation. The reason we are here today is because you, Russia has abolished this peace in Europe. They have abolished our European peace order on our common continent.

They have denounced peace for millions of Ukrainian men, women and children.

Women like Anastasija. A young mother who lost her lower leg when she stepped on a Russian mine. She wants to return to the front as soon as possible.

Like Oksana, a surgeon who decided to operate on her own father when he was wounded in Bucha.

Like Julia, a young woman I met in Kiev after she was released from Russian hostage custody. She implored me: “Don’t give in to Putin!”

When I think of the ruthless war of aggression that Russia has been waging against Ukraine for two years now, I think of Anastasija, Oksana and Julia – and of the bravery and resilience of millions of Ukrainians who know that if they stop, their country to defend, then this will mean the end of Ukraine.

Because they see what the brutal reality of the Russian occupation means for their compatriots in eastern Ukraine, where thousands of children were trafficked to Russia, like Julia, and where women and men are brutally raped, arrested and tortured.

And yet there are those voices that say: “Negotiate!”

But Putin makes it clear every day that he does not want to negotiate peace.

He repeatedly refers to his “conquests”.

Russia, a permanent member of this Security Council, wants a sovereign state to give up its right to exist.

Where would we be if this principle were to prevail, as the Secretary General so succinctly put it?

Which of our countries would be invaded next by a nefarious neighbor?

Whose children would be abducted next?

Whose sons shot?

Whose daughters were raped?

If we gave in, it would be the end of the Charter, our Charter.

That is why we will not stop our support for Ukraine.

That is why the German government has just signed a bilateral security agreement that offers Ukraine reliable, long-term support. We stand by Ukraine as long as it is necessary.

Alongside men and women like Anastasija, Oksana and Julia.

Men and women who defend their peace, our peace, our freedom and also the Charter of our United Nations.

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