Remarks by Yasushi Hosaka, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, at the Security Council Meeting on Climate Change and Food Insecurity.

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February 13, 2024

Yasushi Hosaka said that the Council should tackle climate change, food security and conflict as these issues affect not only developing countries, but also international peace and security.

A comprehensive approach, including enhancing the resilience of society, is the key to building peace, he said, recalling various high-level meetings held by Japan to highlight the importance of conflict prevention through a humanitarian, development, and peace nexus.  This approach includes the empowerment of women, youth and vulnerable people.  Encouraging the Council to make better use of the Peacebuilding Commission, he underscored that the latter should continue to broaden its scope to cover matters that can affect conflicts, such as those arising from climate change and food insecurity, and actively provide recommendations to the Council.

He went on to emphasize that comprehensive approaches are more effective at halting the increase of risks coming from climate change, as well as to break the vicious cycles that create further risks.

Accordingly, Japan continues to support each country’s efforts towards low-emission and climate-resilient development, including assistance for developing countries in both climate mitigation and adaptation.  To this end, Japan has pledged $70 billion in climate finance over five years until 2025 to aid developing countries in combating climate change.

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