Remarks by H.E. Mr. Ferit Hoxha, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Albania

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September 28, 2022

Thank you, Mme. President,

Last week, at the UNGA, the prime Minister of Israel, highlighted in very clear terms the strong and unambiguous commitment of his government in favor of the two-state solution.

For the first time in more than a decade, an Israeli Prime Minster recommits to a formula that the international community finds as the most promising one to end the on-going conflict in the Middle East, a statement welcomed by President Abas as well.

A two-state outcome that protects Israel’s security and provides sovereignty and dignity for Palestinians, with a Palestinian state that is democratic and viable, is the only way forward in securing peace, with Israel as a democratic state while fulfilling Palestinians’ legitimate aspirations.

While we spend most of the time here to express worry for the trend of violence and tensions, which we always regret and condemn, this is the kind of messages we expect from leaders to inspire, I hope, both the Israelis and the Palestinians, to engage into efforts to resolve this never-ending tragic conflict.

Violence the land has always known, in all forms and intensity. It has only caused victims, mostly civilians from both sides, has brought pain and suffering, while reminding everyone that an endless cycle of violence always ends up into zero sum games.

This is why, we highlight the crucial importance of upholding the ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants as critical to safeguard the gains made through tireless efforts. Because such important gains are fragile and easily reversible, violence can never be conducive to fulfilling dreams. It is just the treacherous road of false promises that never realize.

Every effort must be made to bring the parties closer together, to meet, to talk to seek solutions.

This is how Oslo accords happened; this is how future accords may and should happen. The contrary is losing time, which has and will always be regretted.

We look forward to the resumption – at the next best opportunity – of dormant peace talks within the legal framework created by the United Nations, in order to find a lasting and just solution to the conflict, with a democratic and secure Israel and a viable and democratic Palestinian state, leaving at peace with one another, with Jerusalem as shared capital.

Any positive measure, even small steps help in the process. The growing number of work permits issued to Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to work in Israel contributes to the improving the wellbeing of thousands of families living in poverty. They also help build trust among communities becoming promoters of better understanding in a much larger scale.

Mme. President,

We will never tire in reiterating our categorical rejection and condemnation of every terrorist attack against Israel, or anywhere else.

We abhor terrorism in all its forms and oppose and denounce it vigorously and unreservedly. We support Israel’s right to defend itself, acting proportionally and based on law. The value of life is the same, for Palestinians and Israelis.

As my own country was recently victim of an unprovoked, massive and large scale cyberattack that aimed to destroy critical government infrastructure, sponsored and carried out by groups affiliated to Iran, we understand better the concerns of the security of other countries, Israel in particular, faced continuously with the threat from a state that calls openly and continuously for its destruction, that sponsors proxies at its backyard with the sole aim to harm, kill and destroy.

Mme. President,

We have said it many times and deem it important to reiterate. Building peace in post conflict situation requires not only efforts but also genuine goodwill and especially trust, a lot of trust.

This is why, if truly committed, parties should refrain from actions that go against efforts to promote the peace process. In this respect, we will continue to highlight our position that settlements and their expansions go against international law and constitute an obstacle to the two-state solution, the cornerstone of the peace process. They are wrong and must be stopped.

We also urge all sides to refrain from inflammatory rhetoric that escalate tensions endanger the peace process.

We see no other way than peace talks to move ahead. The negotiation table is the only place where a viable and just solution lies and can be found.

I thank you.


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