Remarks by Csaba Kőrösi, President of the GA to the occasion of “Diwali Stamp – The Power of One Awards” at the United Nations

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Thank you very much, Olof. Many thanks to you and all the friends gathered here today. Olof said a lot already about Diwali. We are in the mood already.

Let me just reinforce that Diwali marks the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance.

Much like we intend to achieve here at the United Nations.

The festival, which dates back five thousand years, carries innumerable lessons that hold true even today, and relevant for us all – Justice, Truth, Integrity, Humility and Freedom.

These are values that are imbibed in the UN ethos.

The essence of Diwali transcends cultures and inspires all of us to strive for a better world.

The desire that the good and enlightenment should prevail over the evil and destruction that has accompanied human beings in all countries for thousands of years, and I hope it will prevail for us all.

That is what today’s awardees have helped to do – showing the way through diplomacy.

I add my voice to thank them for their dedication.

We are a world in crises, a world in need of transformation.

Through solutions based on science, sustainability and solidarity, we must – and I strongly believe we can – reinvigorate multilateralism and progress on our shared goals.

I am sure that we too possess the power to create the light and spread it across the world.

We have such a beautiful example in our midst: Ranju Batra, who has already been mentioned by my good friend Olof.

Her effort helped to create the Diwali stamp.

With the support of my friend, Ravi Batra, and the Indian–American community, she gathered 400,000 signatures.

She also worked with the political and business community to bring Diwali to the federal level.

This is an inspiring proof of how people with true commitment can make all the difference.

To quote Mahatma Gandhi, whose bust is being installed in the United Nation’s Garden this month: be the change that you wish to see in the world.

In recognition of her role, I would like to present Ranju with a small token – a signed and dedicated to her copy of the UN Charter.

Thank you to Ranju, and I wish everyone a great time.

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