Remarks by Ambassador José Javier De la Gasca LopezDomínguez, Permanent Representative of Ecuador to the United Nations and President of the Security Council for the month of December, at the Security Council meeting on the situation in Syria

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December 21, 2023

Ambassador José Javier De la Gasca LopezDomínguez, Council President for December, speaking in his national capacity, said it is essential to step up diplomatic efforts that make it possible to reengage dialogue and move towards a political solution in accordance with resolution 2254 (2015).

He encourages the Special Envoy to continue conversations with members of the Astana group, neighbouring countries, regional partners and other actors inside and outside Syria, with the goal of bringing about the meetings of the Constitutional Committee.

Noting that 45,000 people in Ebreha remain without drinking water due to the military use of the area’s water plant, he called for respecting international humanitarian law.

Poverty, malnutrition, displacement and the large humanitarian need are a warning that the Council must continue to examine the situation.

He urged the Government to provide responses on the status and fate of missing persons and those arbitrarily detained, and to establish transparent accountability systems.

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