Remarks by Ambassador José Javier De la Gasca LopezDomínguez, Permanent Representative of Ecuador to the United Nations and President of the Security Council for the month of December, at a UN Security Council Briefing on the Situation in the Middle East

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Ambassador José Javier De la Gasca LopezDomínguez, Council President for December, speaking in his national capacity, said that the Secretary-General’s report paints a sombre picture.

In addition to the situation in Gaza, it shows an alarming increase in violence in the West Bank, perpetrated by settlers, the continuation of illegal settlement-building and the increase in incendiary rhetoric and acts of provocation.

“We must continue our efforts to alleviate the suffering of civilians in Gaza,” he continued.

It is critical that there be an immediate humanitarian ceasefire to allow for more aid to be distributed.  Leaders have the obligation to condemn all acts of terror and violence clearly and explicitly.

He expressed concern at the rise in hate speech, Islamophobia and antisemitism throughout the world.

Ecuador reiterates its commitment to peace, its calls for a humanitarian ceasefire and its condemnation of Hamas’s terrorist attacks, he said.

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