Remarks by Ambassador Geng Shuang at the UN Security Council Briefing on Arms Supply to Ukraine

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June 14, 2024


I thank High Representative Nakamitsu for her briefing.

The crisis in Ukraine is still dragging on. The constant flow of weapons and ammunition into the battlefield will only exacerbate the crisis, result in more casualties, and increase the risk of weapons being unaccounted for and their proliferation.

Complex issues can never find simple solutions. Weapons might help end the war, but will not bring about lasting peace. China calls on the parties to the conflict to demonstrate political will, meet each other halfway, and launch peace talks as soon as possible, with a view to ending the fighting. We call on the international community to prioritize peace and humanitarian situation, speed up peace promotion efforts to prevent the escalation of confrontation, join hands to address the negative spillover effects of the crisis, and work together to build conditions for a political settlement.

China’s position on the Ukraine issue has been consistent and clear. We are committed to objectivity and impartiality, and will maintain close communication with all parties, push for peace negotiations, work tirelessly and play a constructive role towards an early political settlement. Of the crisis in Ukraine.


On May 20, when the Council considered the Ukraine issue, the US Representative indicated that China helped Russia rebuild its defense industry. At that time I already responded. Today, The US representative has once again spread the lie that China has supported Russia in its war efforts. This is unacceptable.

I wish to reiterate that China is neither the creator of the crisis in Ukraine, nor a party to it. China has always been pushing for a political settlement and for peace talks. China has not provided lethal weapons to any party to the conflict, and has always strictly controlled dual-use items. The economic and trade cooperation between China and Russia complies with WTO rules and market rules and is not targeted against any third party and does not run counter to international law. As a matter of fact, since the outbreak of the war, the trade between the US and Russia has also never stopped.

Under such circumstances, the US has on many occasions accused the normal trade relations between China and Russia. This is nothing but hyping up. It is an attempt to divert people’s attention on the conflict and creating differences. We urge the US to stop using the Ukraine issue as an excuse to smear China and to impose unilateral sanctions and unreasonable suppression on Chinese companies. We also urge the US to make real and positive efforts to end the war and restore peace.

Thank you, President.


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