Remarks by Ambassador Fu Cong at the UN Security Council Briefing on the Situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian Question

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July 2, 2024


I congratulate Russia on its assumption of the presidency of the Security Council for this month. The Chinese delegation will fully support you and your colleagues in your work. I also commend the Republic of Korea for completing its presidency of the Council last month.

I thank Senior Coordinator Sigrid Kaag for her briefing. Ms. Kaag’s briefing demonstrates once again the unprecedented deterioration of the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza due to extreme shortages of supplies for survival and the dire health conditions. Millions of people are struggling with hunger, disease, pain, and despair. The humanitarian disaster in Gaza is man-made. The tragic scenes on the ground are serious breaches of international law and international humanitarian law.

Before us, Gaza has been under blockade for nine months with the supply of water, electricity, food, medication, and fuel cut off and over two million people living in an open-air prison in a state of precariousness and struggling to get by without food and other means of survival.

Before us, the most important Rafah crossing has been forced to close for two months because of Israeli military operations, and thousands of trucks loaded with humanitarian supplies have to wait in long lines. The existing crossing points are far from being able to meet the demand for humanitarian aid. The huge investment in the floating dock by some country and the many twists and turns in its use once again show that land transport routes are the key to the expansion of humanitarian access at scale and their role is irreplaceable.

Before us, the entry of humanitarian supplies into Gaza has been obstructed at every level, and a large number of the most basic necessities people urgently need for survival have been unjustifiably denied entry. Humanitarian workers are not only denied effective cooperation, but also face unreasonable difficulties and accusations.

Also before us, the facilities of humanitarian agencies have become repeated targets and the safety and security of humanitarian workers are not insured. The facilities of UNRWA have been repeatedly attacked, and humanitarian agencies such as the ICRC have been put at risk by the fighting. The conflict has resulted in the deaths of over 200 humanitarian workers, which is unprecedented in history and shocking. Deconfliction mechanisms have been rendered ineffective, and humanitarian workers have even been denied carrying essential communication equipment such as radios.

All above is just the tip of the iceberg of the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. We reiterate that hunger cannot be weaponized, humanitarian issues cannot be politicized, And the man-made exacerbation of the humanitarian disaster is unacceptable. China urges Israel to fulfill its obligations under international humanitarian law, heed the overwhelming call of the international community, take concrete actions to ensure the rapid and safe entry of humanitarian supplies at scale into Gaza, ensure the safe and orderly distribution of humanitarian supplies throughout Gaza, and cooperate fully with the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations.

The Council adopted Resolution 2720 with the intent to expand at scale humanitarian access, but it has clearly not materialized. It is necessary to examine the reasons why the resolution has not been effectively implemented. We call upon the country concerned to work harder to push for political will from the party concerned to effectively remove obstacles preventing the large-scale entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza. We support Senior Coordinator Kaag in her continuing efforts and expect her to bring about tangible progress in line with the requirements of the Council resolutions, the expectations of the international community, and the urgent needs of the people in Gaza.


The fundamental way to alleviate the humanitarian disaster and save innocent lives lies in the immediate realization of a lasting ceasefire and the early relaunch of the two-State solution. China calls on the international community to continue to make unremitting efforts to that end. We support the Council in taking further necessary action as soon as possible.

I thank you, President.




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