Remarks by Ambassador Ferit Hoxha at the Security Council meeting on the situation in the Middle East

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June 27, 2023

Madame President,

I thank the Special Coordinator for the update and Mr. Zogby for sharing his perspective with us today!

Again, the key word of our meeting on this issue is violence. It has been particularly troubling and worrying in the course of the last two years; it is becoming alarming and deadlier, more and more traumatizing and debilitating.

It risks becoming a normal, banal thing, including its deadly consequences, with endless carnage on both sides.

Yet, we all know that violence has never been the right answer and will never be the solution.

We should strongly resist the idea that parties are doomed to a never-ending conflict because it is a dead end, as it kills hope and annihilates efforts for peace.

Last week was extremely fatal for both sides and the loss of life among civilians, including children and women, is appalling.

It is upon the parties to act and reverse this horrible trend of violence and escalation by withdrawing from unilateral acts; denouncing provocative actions, inflammatory rhetoric and incitement; rejecting extremist calls and nationalist extremism that trigger destabilization and insecurity and foment more violence.

Albania strongly condemns the terrorist attack committed by Hamas in Eli last Tuesday, causing the death of four Israeli civilians. We stand with Israel and support its right to self-defense from terror, through proportionate response. Terrorist acts are unacceptable and unjustifiable and should be condemned by all. So are their glorification or incitement for such acts.

We are equally concerned by the impact of the conflict is having on Palestinians, often victims of disproportionate response. In this respect, we strongly condemn the repeated acts of ruthless settler’s violence towards Palestinian civilians. In a country of the rule of law, no one has the right to self-justice, to blind revenge and collective punishing.

We welcome the very strong worded joint reaction of the Israeli security institutions and call on the law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate all the cases of settler’s violence towards civilians, hold those responsible accountable and take the necessary measures to avoid such acts in the future.

The international humanitarian law applies equally must be fully respected from both sides.

We call on the parties to respect their commitments taken in the Aqaba and Sharm el Sheikh and work for appeasement.

Like others in the Council, we are deeply worried by the recent announcement of the Israeli government approving thousands of additional settlements units and by reports of changes to Israel’s system of settlement administration that expedite the planning and approvals of settlements.

Settlements are illegal under international law they are an obstacle to peace and a driver of violence and insecurity for civilians. The full implementation of the UNSCR 2334 is an international obligation.


In the course of the last 75 years, efforts for peace in the Middle East have been continuous and at times have produced very encouraging results.

In terms of volume, the countless cease fires, proposals, plans, and roadmaps for resolving the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians can fill an entire room. Yet, we must recognize that today we are not any closer to lasting peace.

Unfortunately, destroying is easier than building and the antagonists, the forces against peace and also very powerful.

At the core of the longest conflict in modern history lie some fundamental and complex questions such as that of identity, the claim to land and the legitimate right of existence of the other.

This is why we fully support the two-state solution, the only way in our opinion, to guarantee a secure Israel and a viable and democratic Palestine, with Jerusalem as shared capital, living side by side as two states for two people, fully entitled to equal safety, security and prosperity.

It is an uphill path and obstacles are plethora.

But peace is the only alternative and it is always made by the brave and the visionary.

The sooner a political horizon towards a genuine peace process is restored, the better the chances that we stop deploring endless violence and its deadly consequences, and support peace efforts, with the hope of celebrating a long-lasting peace one day.

Thank you.

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