Remarks by Ambassador Domingos Estêvão Fernandes, Deputy Permanent Representative of Mozambique to UN, at the Security Council meeting on maintenance of international peace and security

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January 3, 2024

Ambassador Domingos Estêvão Fernandes expressed grave concern over the escalating tensions in the Red Sea, warning that any decline in commercial shipping in the Red Sea will inevitably have adverse effects on both regional and worldwide trade.

Maritime security is indispensable for effective trade flows, he said, also stressing that any progress achieved so far towards a comprehensive ceasefire agreement in Yemen should not be overshadowed by the escalating violence in the Red Sea.

“As custodians of international peace and security, it is our collective responsibility to ensure that the ongoing peace efforts in Yemen are not jeopardized by these attacks,” he said, calling for an immediate cessation of the attacks on the vessels and their crews.

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