Remarks by Ambassador Domingos Estêvão Fernandes, Deputy Permanent Representative of Mozambique to UN, at a UN Security Council Briefing on the Situation in the Middle East

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Ambassador Domingos Estêvão Fernandes said his delegation is deeply troubled by the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Equally important is a demonstration of goodwill by both parties and the immediate release of hostages.

He called for the immediate implementation of resolution 2712 (2023) to ensure the timely delivery of vital goods and services for civilians’ well-being and protection, especially children and women.

“There is an urgent need to scale up and improve humanitarian access into Gaza.  Lives are at stake and we have a duty to help the most vulnerable, including children and women.”

Only an immediate suspension of hostilities can allow for safe, unhindered humanitarian access.

Mozambique fully supports the Secretary-General’s proposal for a monitoring mechanism to confirm the humanitarian nature of aid going into Gaza.  It also continues to believe the two-State solution remains fundamental for achieving lasting peace and harmony in the region, he said.

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