Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on UNOCA

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June 10, 2024


I wish to thank Special Representative Abdou Abarry and President Gilberto Da Piedade Verissimo for their briefings. For some time now, countries in Central Africa have vigorously advanced their political processes and achieved significant progress in pursuing peace and development and promoting stability. However, the region is still confronted with multiple challenges in areas such as security and development, which demand greater international support and assistance. Allow me to stress the following.

First, we must support the region in its efforts to maintain overall stability. During the reporting period, Chad successfully conducted a presidential election, marking a smooth conclusion of its political transition. Gabon convened a national dialogue, followed by its reintegration into ECCAS. Rwanda is actively preparing for its general elections. The Central African Republic is moving forward its peace process with greater vigor. China recognizes and salutes the efforts made and progress achieved by regional countries. We encourage them to keep up the momentum, step up dialogue and solidarity, and maintain the overall political stability. Next year, various countries in the region will embark on political transitions and hold generate elections. The international community must respect the sovereignty and ownership of regional countries, uphold the principle of resolving African issues in the African way, and support regional countries in their choice of development models that align with their respective national realities.

Second, we must support enhanced regional cooperation. As stated in the SG’s report, the security situation in the Lake Chad basin area has been complicated and challenging recently. Boko Haraml, DAESH, and other terrorist organizations remain rampant, resulting in hundreds of civilian casualties. We welcome the ongoing counter-terrorism activities by Chad, Cameroon, and others to keep the pressure up on terrorist groups. This is an area where the international community needs to channel more support to build up region-wide collaborative Security capacities. UNOCA needs to provide more assistance in the development of the regional security mechanism.

The conflict in Sudan is spilling over, impacting the security situation in countries such as the CAR and Chad, and aggravating regional security risks. We support increased border control and joint patrols by regional countries to contain the illicit flows of weapons and fighters to keep the region secure.

Third, we must help the region address livelihood and development challenges. The region has recently experienced economic slowdown and continued inflation, with livelihood issues more acutely felt in some countries. Issues such as armed violence and the conflict in Sudan have exacerbated the regional humanitarian crisis. Chad, the DRC, Cameroon, and others are under tremendous pressure when dealing with issues such as refugees and food security. Traditional donors and international financial institutions must honor their assistance commitments, close the funding gap in humanitarian emergency funds immediately, and assist the region in alleviating its debt burden and funding challenges. The international community must also support regional countries in infrastructure development and employment opportunities, step up efforts in technology transfer and knowledge sharing, and assist the region in the fulfillment of self-reliant sustainable development.

Recently, several regional countries were hit by floods, drought, and other natural disasters, resulting in major economic losses and further holding back their implementation of SDGs. More support should be provided by the international community to help enhance their climate resilience. Developed countries should honor their commitments on climate financing, engage in the transfer of green technologies, and take more tangible actions in the regional response to climate change.

President, under the leadership of SRSG Abarry, UNOCA has actively engaged with all parties to enhance security and development cooperation in the region, which we commend. China supports UNOCA’s mandate renewal by the Council and encourages UNCOA to continue to forge closer communication and dialogue with ECCAS and regional countries to make further contributions to regional peace and stability.

I thank you, President.

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