Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on Sudan

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August 9, 2023

Madam President,

I thank Assistant Secretary-General Martha Ama Akyaa Pobee and Director Edem Wosornu for their briefings, and welcome the Permanent Representative of Sudan to today’s meeting.

The armed conflict in Sudan has been going on for nearly four months, marked by increasing civilian casualties and worsening humanitarian situation. As a good friend and partner of Sudan, China deeply deplores these developments. At the same time, diplomatic efforts to reach a political solution to the conflict in Sudan have continued. China hopes that the parties concerned will, in the interests of the country and its people, establish a ceasefire, put an end to the fighting as soon as possible, promote deescalation, and resolve their disputes through dialogue, so as to create conditions for peace and reconciliation.

China welcomes the considerable efforts by the African Union, IGAD, the Arab League, and countries of the region to resolve the issue of Sudan. Last month, Egypt hosted the Sudan’s neighboring states summit, and Chad just held a follow-up ministerial meeting this week. China expects regional countries and organizations to strengthen their coordination with the Sudanese parties and to play a key role in facilitating peace talks. The international community and partners outside the region should provide the necessary support and cooperation.

Sudan is currently facing enormous humanitarian needs, with spillover effects on its neighboring countries. China appreciates the efforts of the UN and international humanitarian organizations in delivering many batches of humanitarian supplies to Darfur and other regions despite the difficult circumstances. China calls on international community to help Sudan and neighboring countries improve their humanitarian response capacity, expand the scale of relief, and support regional humanitarian initiatives. At the same time, humanitarian support to Sudan should respect the sovereignty and ownership of Sudan and follow the UN guiding principles for humanitarian aid. The Sudanese parties should also comply with their obligations under international humanitarian law and facilitate humanitarian relief. The situation in Darfur has been seriously affected by the conflict in Sudan. The international community should provide constructive support to ease the situation and avoid aggravating conflicts.

Madam President,

Sudan is an important country in the Horn of Africa. An early ceasefire and a return to normalcy and order is in the fundamental interests of Sudan and other countries of the region. Recently, the AU, IGAD, and the Sudan neighboring states summit have repeatedly stressed the need to safeguard the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Sudan, and oppose external interference in the internal affairs of Sudan. The international community should heed the calls of countries of the region, support the good offices of regional countries and organizations, and avoid externally imposed solutions and sanctions and pressure. The Council should encourage UNITAMS to play an active role on the issue of Sudan.

China believes that the Sudanese people have the ability and wisdom to overcome the current difficulties and challenges and put an end to the fighting as soon as possible. China stands ready to work with the international community to support the efforts of the Sudanese people.

Thank you, Madam President.

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