Remarks by Amb. Thomas-Greenfield at the UN General Assembly Stakeout Following the Adoption of a Resolution on Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine

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New York: March 2, 2022


Good morning.

Today, the world has spoken with a clear, united voice. Together, the vast majority of the world has condemned Russia’s unprovoked, unjustified, unconscionable war. We have deplored Belarus for allowing its territory to be used to facilitate this aggression. We have affirmed Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We have demonstrated that Russia is isolated and alone, and that the costs will keep rising until Russia relents. We have affirmed the UN Charter, pledged to address the horrific human rights and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, and stood together in the battle for the soul of the world.

Last night at his State of the Union Address, President Biden commended the courage of the Ukrainian people. He declared that the United States of American stands with Ukraine and quoted President Zelenskyy when he said, “Light will win over darkness.” Today, at the United Nations, light has won over darkness. A hundred and forty-one states voted to support this amendment*. The world, as President Biden said, “is choosing the side of peace and security.”

Now, as the situation grows graver every day in Ukraine, we must keep the momentum going. We must do everything we can to help the Ukrainian people. To hold Russia accountable. To match our strong words with strong actions. Let us continue to come together to support the Ukrainian people. And let us demonstrate the true power and true purpose of the United Nations for all.

Thank you very much.

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