Prayer, Reflection Accompany the Vigil for Sikh Temple Victims

Vigil in Washington, DC

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Washington, DC – From coast to coast, Americans of all hue and color have come together in recent days to reflect and remember the victims of the fatal shooting at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin and the sentiment was echoed in the shadows of the White House on Wednesday evening.

With the national flag fluttering at half mast in the evening breeze on top of the White House, a somber gathering was held on Wednesday on the North side of the presidential residence at Lafayette Park.

To emphasize brotherhood and togetherness against religious intolerance and the insanity of mass shootings, participants held images of not only the six people who lost their lives, but also Brian Murphy, the first responding officer who was shot multiple times at close range, but is now recovering.

Remembrance, reflection and humanity came alive under the setting sun while much was said in the silent presence of each other, in addition to the balmy and spiritual words that were spoken by the organizers,

There was an undercurrent of peace and silent reflection as the gathering paid their tributes to the departed souls and prayed for the speedy recovery of Murphy, the officer who was ambushed by the killer as the first responder was trying to help a victim.

Addressing the gathering, Bhai Gurdarshan Singh, a Sikh priest, prayed to the Almighty, “Please bless everyone so we can see your Light.” (IATNS)

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