OSCE Chairman-in-Office Zbigniew Rau calls for stronger UN-OSCE co-operation

OSCE Chairman-in-Office and Poland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Zbigniew Rau.

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We need to engage in closer cooperation with international institutions to stop the aggression against Ukraine, and Russia must face the consequences of its actions. This was the message of Chairman-in-Office and Poland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Zbigniew Rau as he concluded his visit to United Nations headquarters in New York on 14 and 15 March 2022.

Foreign Minister Rau met UN Secretary-General António Guterres and addressed the UN Security Council on the priorities of Poland’s OSCE Chairmanship during the two-day visit.

The central theme of Minister Rau’s speech to the UN Security Council as OSCE Chairman-in-Office was Russia’s attack against Ukraine. The minister stressed that Russia’s actions have shaken the world and undermined the values underpinning the OSCE.

“Peace and security, like freedom and democracy, cannot be taken for granted. We have learned this lesson the hard way,” said Rau. “But it is also true that those who choose to embark on the path of military confrontation receive very little in return. Between war and peace, life and destruction, we should always be able to look beyond our narrow narcissistic instincts,” he added.

“It is high time for the international community, for the United Nations as well as for the OSCE, to reinforce our efforts to restore peace and reinforce our principles and values. The integrity of international law and stability of the world order is at stake,” emphasized Rau. “I reiterate my call on Russia to respect international norms, stop the hostilities, and find a lasting, peaceful solution to the conflict,” concluded the OSCE Chairman-in-Office.

In New York, the Chairman also met with Abdulla Shahid, President of the 76th Session of the UN General Assembly, Mohamed Abushahab, chargé d’affaires ad interim of the United Arab Emirates Mission to the UN and President of the UN Security Council in March 2022, and Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations. The discussions focused on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, its consequences for European and global security, as well as on the humanitarian and refugee crisis it has triggered.

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