Opaque Claims of Aid to COVID-19 Affected Families by “Sikhs for Justice”

Effigy of Gurpatwant Singh Pannun being burnt in village Gill of Punjab after the Sarpanch explained the reasons

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Washington, DC – There are overwhelming shadows of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on all walks of life globally hence a large number of families are suffering. With loss of jobs, many families are finding it difficult to take care of their basic household expenses.

Recently the social media got abuzz that “Sikhs for Justice” (SfJ) – a secessionist organization – is doling out financial help to such families, who are affected by COVID-19.

Initially SFJ blared on social media that a cash amount of Indian Rs. 2500 along with groceries was distributed to families, and then it announced that the cash amount had been increased to Rs. 5000 with other essentials for the families.

Avtar Singh Pannu, who is one of the few spearheading the SFJ organization, informed over the phone that more than 2500 families have been helped by the organization. When asked to elaborate on the details of such families, Pannu hid behind a lame excuse that those families in Punjab would be hassled by the local police.

According to reliable sources, nearly 300 families who have lost a family member to COVID-19, denied having received any financial assistance or any other help from any organization based in the USA.

Continuing our investigation, we contacted other organizations for information but were asked to inquire of Pannu how much cash has been disbursed till now, which organizations SFJ has moved their assistance through, who has been instrumental in doing that, and in which relief fund the aid was shared.

In contrast to this opaque perspective adopted by the SFJ leaders, other organizations like UNITED SIKHS International has been open with the media about the amount and details of aid provided. They are eager to reach out to more and more suffering populations.

It’s not clear why SFJ is hiding behind excuses when it comes to sharing details of expenses and aid-distribution while it collects dollars in open forms and congregations.

There are many families even in the US, Canada and the UK, reeling under the current wave of COVID-19 pandemic but not one has been helped by the SFJ while it’s beating its drums on social media about helping 2500 families in India. Pannu reiterating that disclosure will harm the families who were helped, believes in hiding figures and details – raising umpteen number of doubts and questions about the modus operandi of SFJ.

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, the poster boy of the organization, and it’s legal advisor can be seen and heard over social media raising voices as the savior of the Sikh community globally and strongly pursuing Khalistan agenda with Referendum 20/20 for secession from India. Ironically to the discerning eye, there is hardly any support in Punjab, India for such rhetoric.

Ironically the same organization Sikhs for Justice had been trying to register the population in Punjab, especially the youth, for Referendum 20/20 and there was no fear of police retaliation ever expressed in that respect, but when it comes to being transparent in aid and expenses, Sikhs for Justice decided to hide behind such flimsy excuses.

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