Once-classified model of Osama bin Laden compound unveiled

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Pentagon, Virginia – In a Pentagon hallway on Wednesday for a few hours, a once-classified model of Osama bin Laden’s compound was on public display for the first time. The detailed scale model was used to plan last year’s special operations raid, which killed the world’s most wanted terrorist.

The tabletop model is an exact reproduction of the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan that covertly housed the leader of al-Qaeda and his family for five years.  


The actual compound is now a part of history, with no physical evidence of its presence remaining, as the Pakistani government ordered that it be razed to the ground shortly after the raid last May.

The model was built over a span of six weeks by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) using photogrammetric methods.

The NGA model makers used overhead satellite imagery to create a 3-D reproduction of the compound in painstaking detail on a styrofoam terrain base. The model includes sandy-appearing “soil,” underbrush, trees, and a miniature vehicle parked outside the compound. (IATNS)



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