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Washington, DC – The Republican National Committee recently announced their Asian Pacific American National Advisory Council with leaders from predominantly immigrant communities throughout the US. With one broad stroke RNC Chairman Reince Preibus reached out to our communities to actively participate in US main stream politics. He laid the foundation which will forever change the dynamic of future elections.

As political elections are getting tighter and the wins are within a margin of a point or two, the Asian Pacific American Advisory Council will actively help the Republican Party and candidate’s win elections. They will be active ambassadors of the party to their community events. They can share their insights in developing and growing the Republican Party within the communities they so actively participate.

The Indian American community has felt the brunt of the Democratic President and his Administration for the last 6 years, for example, Indian- American physicians seeing the real negative effects of the ObamaCare. The practices they have built over years of hard work are in decline. Now they are going to the drawing board to reevaluate how to adapt in this fast changing environment where they cannot care for patients they have taken care of for generations.

Another important issue mentioned by an Indian doctor is that they were never consulted on the Obamacare, they are the ones who treat their patients and know what is in their best interest. President Obama said you can keep “your doctors” and “your Health Plan,” which is not the case.

Immigration is another important issue that impacts the Indian American community. The Republican Party appeal is much closer than the Democrats. President Obama has been against the competitive sourcing of jobs to India. The numerous Indian owned IT companies will greatly be affected by the immigration rhetoric proposed by the Democratic leadership.

Retail businesses are now under threat with minimum wage increase being introduced by the Democrats. This will greatly impact small business where Indian Americans have huge presence. The economy and consumer confidence is low and payroll is one of the key factors in making the business profitable. Another effect is this may lead to cost increases of goods and services, affecting all Americans. In order to stay productive and competitive, these businesses may need cut jobs. They will find innovative ways to have the same person do the job of 2 people. The bottom line for businesses is to stay in business and importantly remain profitable. With a possibility of minimum wage increase and adversely affecting Indian American owned-businesses it should make Indian American’s think again about voting for Democrats.

The idea of big government and higher taxes are not the answer to broken promises and fiscal responsibility. We Indian Americans have prospered as we excelled in all fields, from academia, technology to business and athletics. We believe in individual rights and freedom, which is what the Republican leadership is fighting for. The Obama Administration does not have answers, we the people do. The government should get out of the way and let our entrepreneur ambitions and imagination take the lead. Please remember, the big government which promises to give everything, can also take away everything.

Let us not forget, the foundations of a strong US-India relations were done by a Republican President. WhenGeorge W. Bush signed the US-India Nuclear Treaty, it was his leadership that brought the two democracies closer than ever done before. The Obama Administration only gave a lip service and till this date there has been no substance to the relationship with India or Indian American community in US. The Republican Party is an ally and a committed partner to the growing Indian American community. It is time to end the traditional proximity to the Democratic Party.

We have arrived at a point where our vote and contribution greatly matter. It is time we look in-depth in the fundamental difference in both parties. Our votes matters. These elections are about our children and pocketbooks now- the charismatic democratic leadership and liberal media will have us believe otherwise. It is impossible for them to fulfill the promises and make restore financial order. We have labored too hard in this great nation and achieved the great American dream, which will continue to be at risk if we allow our voices not to be heard.

Puneet Ahluwalia
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Puneet Ahluwalia is the 1st Vice Chair, Fairfax County Republican Committee and member of the RNC National Advisory APA Council

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