Michelle Obama Unfazed After Threats, DC Chief Lanier Promises Swift Action

Michelle Obama on Friday appeared at a White House luncheon

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Washington DC – The Metropolitan Police Department was on a fast track Friday night to investigate the alleged threatening comments directed toward first lady Michelle Obama by one of their officers, according to the police chief.

In an email to India America Today, Cathy L. Lanier, Chief of Police, Washington, DC said, “Of course we are taking this very seriously. I assure you we are working quickly to determine the validity of these allegations, which will be made public if true.”

“If threats were in fact made, we will turn over to the AUSA immediately for prosecution. Criminal charges are always public record,” added Chief Lanier.

The DC police officer was moved to administrative leave after he allegedly said he would shoot the First Lady, using his phone to display a picture of the firearm he would use, according to local media reports.

White House correspondents were earlier told by Josh Earnest, principal deputy White House press secretary, that President Barack Obama was aware of the alleged threat voiced by a Washington, DC police officer toward Michelle Obama.

Asked to comment whether the President and the First Lady were aware of the threat and if there was any investigation, Earnest told journalists aboard Air Force One, en route to Virginia Beach, Virginia, “Any kind of investigation, if there is one, would be conducted by the Secret Service, so I’d ask you to direct your questions to them.”

On the question of whether the President was aware of the investigation and his reaction, Earnest responded that Obama was aware, but that the President had no comment on the subject.

After the news hit media headlines, Michelle Obama on Friday appeared at a White House luncheon to honor the winners of this year’s National Design Awards, given by the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. (IATNS)

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