Kurds are Dormant in Iran- Descendants of Whom?


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Muscat, Oman – The Kurds have always been used by the US as an excuse to break up the countries. In Iraq and Syria, if the Kurds were to get their own homeland due to the US, they are seeing a territory that will be loyal to them, which they can use to their advantage. This is all being driven by the oil companies, the Neocons and Deep State as part of their “Greater Middle East Doctrine” which aims to break the nation states into smaller ones. Ultimately Kurds in Iraq would attain full autonomy but not independence. The Syrian Kurds had an agreement with Assad from the beginning of the civil war. The Kurds got Rohava in return for not joining the rebellion. Now Assad is living up to his promise which is absolutely critical to the Kurds.

Upside down from what it seems -Britain at the end of the 19th century not to have any risks from the Persian kings changed the view from Indian hersonissos to the Mediterranean in cooperation with Russia power and Russia working to all the border for the European oligarchy -political system. That is a reason why the Kurds has not until today State. Kurds fighting for life and them freedom no anybody and any powers. The US became powerful after World War II. And Medes- Kurdish civilization is one of the most oldest civilizations in the world; The creation of towns and cities come from the Kurds in the history. The Medes culture is big sister culture of Hellenism and Hellas -sun come from the Militarism and go to another west cultures from Hellen- Roman. They claim for their identity, for their truth; in other words for their dignity. Kurds are actually meaning “power believer” that is Median old words but international community -relations is big problem and the strategy of Turkey is power for this states.

Ethnic -states they can not see in the Middle East. They have their own language with regional dialects I’m sure they started out as nomads but over the ages they thrived the English French Ottomans and Russians did a number on the region making borders very hard to define but these people are the rightful owners geographically they should be respected for it. They are not some nomadic group that can die out they have numbers on their side. The Kurds out number the Basque people 10 to one yet the Basque nation wages war for independence. The term “Kurd” is just like a clothing: Some had it, some took it. And today the children of the Arsacids and Pehlewans which are settled on the northern parts of the Zagros took this name. By the way, Kasravi showed that the Azari people spoke Fahli (Pahli, Pahlewani), the language of the Parthians. And today we can see the same elements in the Kurdish languages. This is only related to the lifestyle as nomads.

The US “Plan” has always been to partition Syria. If they can’t manage to overthrow Assad and impose yet-another puppet-government, they have used the Kurds to try and carve a section out of Syria in the east and north, to run their pipeline (the real reason for all of this). But neither Syria (population wise) nor Russia are willing to allow the US to redraw the map- if they want to create a new state for the Kurds, they should do it out of southeast Turkey. That’s really the most legitimate Kurdish region- not in Syria. Vote for independence of Kurdish Autonomous Region in Iraq has received overwhelming support in the region but it has been strongly opposed by Iraqi government, Turkey, Iran , Syria and USA.

All the neighboring countries of Iraq has Kurdish minority in the range of 9%-17% and are afraid independence of Kurdish Autonomous Region will give fillips to similar movements therein. Turkey has a longstanding Kurdish problem, which has been suppressed by all the governments past and present. In Syria Kurds in alliance with US have established an territorial enclave against the wishes of Syrian and Turkish governments. Kurds are dormant in Iran. Iraqi Kurdish region is surrounded from all the sides and it cannot survive sanctions imposed on them. Despite armed clashes in the Kirkuk area, cross border trade between Iraqi Kurdistan and Turkey, Iran as well as the rest of Iraq remains normal. Trade is important to the economic health to all, even if we take the independence vote into account, and there is little incentive to disrupt it. One should look for 1st November presidential and parliamentary elections in Iraqi Kurdistan to see if any new development emerging in the restive region….

The Treaty of KARS is an interesting one. It dates back far, but in a nutshell, it means that the east of Turkey (exactly where the Kurds are now) technically fall under Russia (but loaned to Turkey). So instead of trying to split a country like Syria, to create a “home for the Kurds” there’s far more legal, historical and geographical precedent to have Russia call in the Treaty of Kars and see turkey split off about 30% of it’s terrirtory to create a Kurdish homeland there. Imagine how popular this idea must be with the Sultan Erdogan.

Kurds are Owners from beginning , before Mede or Persian came to Iran’s plateau, at some major part of GREAT ZAGROS FOLD. They are history maker but unfortunately people’s don’t know them. Might Persian and Mede got their culture from them, but Kurds have a magnificent and strange oddity by IranShahr borders because they are Owners. Meaning of “Kurd” changed throughout the times – During late Arsacid and onward into Sasanian era.

Mousumi Roy
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Mousumi Roy has a Masters (MA - Political Science) from Calcutta University and is a visiting professor of International Relations in Muscat, Oman

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