Kelly Does Damage Control for “Embarrassed” NPR Comment

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Washington, DC – The White House Chief of Staff today backpedaled on his earlier National Public Radio (NPR) interview remarks on the effect of the Russian probe on his boss, the president. After President Donald Trump had announced his policy of “Lower Drug Prices” in the Rose Garden, the journalists came face to face wth John Kelly as they were being escorted out.

When asked by one of the journalists regarding President Trump’s feelings about the Russia probe, Kelly said he meant Trump is “distracted” by the Russia probe, when he had told NPR in an interview earlier that Trump was “embarrassed.”

Thursday evening in his interview on NPR, Kelly said Trump was “somewhat embarrassed, frankly” about special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into the Trump campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Kelly told the crowd of journalists that “embarrassed” is not the word he wanted to use to describe the feelings of President Trump about the ongoing Russia probe. In a good mood and laughing, he told journalists in the Rose Garden that “distracted” was a better descriptor of Trump’s feelings as the Russia probe continues.

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