Interview with Ranjit “Ron” Bhalla : ELECTIONS 2012

Ron Bhalla

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Bhalla, in an interview with Tejinder Singh, Editor, India America Today, highlighted his vision for his constituents and urged Indian Americans to help fund his campaign.

Everyone recently has been saying they want to change how Washington works. How are you different?

Yes, It is very hard to change Washington, but you can easily change yourself. I am going to introduce a new system of voting in the House of Representatives by voting on every bill and  issue after collecting majority votes from my constituents. This is a new system and quite feasible without indulging into political influence, while making decisions on any bill. No lobbyists. No Washington politician and self interest by any group. It is just individuals’ own input. This is a real sense of democracy while staying in the republic’s ideology.

I will be shipping every bill in a small summary and without interpretation of mine to my constituents via e-mail, have them vote and send back to me. Based on the majority vote, I will vote in the House.

Do you feel your voters can cope with the truckload of bills that are proposed on Capitol Hill or would you be choosy in sending them the notifications?

Many voters are looking forward to participate in this system. For example, millions of retirees and hard working people are concerned with the future of this country and moreover, they are frustrated just like anybody else with the present plight of present congressional work. As it is, the country is going into a hole.

Every day it is matter of 30 minutes to do this. If you care about this country and are concerned with the future of your children and grand children, you have to work. It is just like daily work. I will be sending each and every bill.

You stress the role of technology, how confident are you of this approach?

The technology role is getting more and more popular into the use of daily life, therefore, it is nothing new and the future generation is depending on this system to communicate anyway. What I am introducing, the voting system, is a click away. Everybody has a computer nowadays. If not, it is available in libraries and also a 1-800 hot line will be available. And even as it is, we all are working on many e-mails everyday.

You belong to the expanding Indian American community, which today stands at 3 million, with more than a million voters. What are the issues that you would like to raise on their behalf as they would see you as their representative also?

First of all, we are part of this country, our children and future generation’s place. So, we must participate in the day to day working and interest of this country. Not only busy in making our own living, I will be working on every issue as it comes. India and the US are the world’s largest democracies and we have lot in common to work together.

As the US-India Strategic Dialogue enters another year, what are your expectations in 2012? 

I am not aware of the contents of the dialogue. Therefore it is hard for me to comment. But in general, any dialogue is more feasible between two parties if it is balanced in its workable condition, without imposing the supremacy of either party.

What role does the Indian American community play in this and how do you see the ways and means to enhance their participation?

The Indian American community is always in favor of good and peaceful relations between these two countries because of our roots and commitment with both countries. I think either government should involve the common man in the process of dialogue or project because the outcome will affect the people. When I say common man, I mean a certain responsible representative of the community to get such input.

We wish you the best in your campaign.

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