Indian Supreme Court Gets It Wrong: If You’re Gay, You Are a Criminal

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Kolkata – The Indian Supreme Court has plainly mentioned in its ruling that all gays are criminals. This ruling sent shockwaves through the LGBT community, hurtling them towards a fall which at best can be described as profiling.

A Christian representative of the Roman Catholic church had the gall to say, “We are not against homosexuals, we accept them, but we cannot accept indulging in homosexual behavior. “

It is quite apparent that the Supreme Court has lost it. The ruling clearly reflects on the petitions filed by religious groups in India. The verdict, therefore, reflects on the absurd and raises the question, “Are gays criminals?”

The LGBT contribution to literature, performing arts and cinema is unparalleled. Rituparno Sengupta was such an exemplary figure. How can a gay director be awarded a slew of national awards, yet, if he were alive, he would have been branded a criminal?

Now a word for the so-called religious bigots. Who has given them the right to represent a whole religious group? Certainly they do not have my support.

The Supreme court verdict, alas, will make the nation more homophobic, and attacks on the LGBT community are bound to go up. Remember, they have been branded criminals and get up to a life sentence if caught and prosecuted. Why are the human rights group quiet? Why are political parties quiet?

The need of the hour is for politicians of all parties to come together and change the colonial law which the Supreme Court in its judgement referred to. An ordinance should be passed in this session of parliament to amend the law and decriminalize Homosexuality.

Till then gays remain criminals in India.

Devasish Ray
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Devasish Ray is a senior print and television journalist

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