Indian Ambassador Meets and Invites Governor Jindal to Visit India

Ambassador Nirupama Rao with Governor Bobby Jindal

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Washington, DC – The Indian Ambassador to the United States met with the Louisiana Governor of Indian American lineage on July 16, 2012 at the Governor’s office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, according to an Indian Embassy press release.

“The meeting was very cordial, positive and forward looking,” the statement said about the rendezvous between Indian Ambassador Nirupama Rao and Governor Bobby Jindal.

Ambassador Rao extended an invitation to Governor Jindal, who was born in the US, to visit India either during the Pravasiya Bharati Divas or at any convenient time.

Governor Jindal said he looked forward keenly to visiting India at the earliest opportunity, while Rao assured him of a warm welcome to his parental country.

Governor Jindal complimented the rapid growth of India and said that the Indian and US economies are complementary to each other, particularly because of the strong fundamentals and impressive growth of the Indian economy in all fields.

Noting that both India and the United States have not only common strategic interests but also coinciding values of pluralism, democracy, a free market economy and inclusiveness in growth, Jindal spoke of the commitment of both countries to the practice of democracy, which leads to stability and predictability for the future.

Ambassador Rao discussed with Governor Jindal the potential for cooperation between India and the state of Louisiana in the fields of education, including faculty/student exchanges and community colleges; energy, including natural gas and shale gas; medical science and pharmaceuticals, including vaccine development; infrastructure development; and manufacturing, including the automotive and agriculture sectors.

According to the embassy statement, the discussion also covered the complementarities between the two countries, which benefits each other’s economy through innovation, skilled manpower, joint development of technology, investment by leading companies in each other’s markets, and sharing of best practices, which provides a win-win situation to cooperate further for mutual benefit. (IATNS) 

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