Hari Eppanapally Gives Keynote Address at Digital Co-creation Conference

Hari Eppanapally

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Kolkata, India – Digital co-creation was the focus of an international conference recently (Feb. 21) held at Biswa Bangla Convention Center. Speakers including Hari Eppanapally from the US spoke on its impact in business revolution.

Digital co-creation happens when multiple perspectives are brought together with digital technology to create transformational outcomes. Addressing a select audience of business stalwarts and academics on the subject, Hari Eppanapally, Vice President, Bank of New York Mellon said, “Predicting what technologies will become a reality is an extremely difficult task.” The technologies that he touched upon included Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality and Hyperloop  among others.

The technology which is most rapidly encompassing the human world is Artificial Intelligence, which Eppanapally noted, “mimics human decision making processes and carries out tasks in ever more human ways.”

Hari with Kolkata MayorEppanapally, an advisory board member of Rutgers University, added, “The future is definitely looking very hopeful, with the many forms of automation radically transforming the way we live, communicate & transact.”

Eppanapally, a close associate of the late president of India, Abdul Kalam, also presented Dr. Kalam’s Transcendence Book to Sovan Chatterjee, Mayor, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, MIC, Dept of Housing, Fire, Environment & Emergency Services, Govt. of West Bengal.

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