H. E. Tarek El Adab Explains Tunisia’s Ukraine-Vote in UNGA

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Mr. president,

Tunisia voted in favor of the resolution today, as a victory for the purposes and principles of the United Nations’ Charter, upon which is underpinning our foreign policy, and as an affirmation of our country’s keenness to see this crisis ending through peaceful means to resolve conflicts, which remain the only and best way to put an end to the escalation, prevent further deterioration of the situation and exacerbation of humanitarian crises and tragedies.

The world has witnessed enough of the scourge of war and crises with all their devastating repercussions on people’s lives and on peace and security. The experiences learnt from the distant and recent past have taught us that military options do not solve crises and that only negotiations can settle all differences and help in finding consensual solutions to them.

The current crisis in Ukraine comes at a critical timing when the world is preparing to recover from the impacts of the Covid pandemic and set up a new phase based on cooperation, solidarity and active engagement in promoting multilateral action and achieving the goals of our “common agenda”.

We believe that the world cannot bear more crises of this magnitude and gravity. Therefore, Tunisia, which rejoiced at the adherence of the concerned parties to dialogue and negotiations, reiterates its call to the international community to join and intensify efforts to encourage these parties to continue resorting to negotiations, in order to help halt military operations, protect human lives and create conditions for a durable solution to this crisis.

Considering the indivisible nature of international peace and security, Tunisia calls for an equal treatment of the various just causes based on one standard and on the principle of “uniting for peace” so that peoples can recover their legitimate rights in accordance with relevant international resolutions and build a more just, peaceful and stable world.

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