Governor Haley Readies for the Horse Shoe Table of the UN Security Council

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley speaks at a September 2, 2015 National Press Club luncheon event

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New York – President elect Donald J. Trump’s nomination of Governor Nikki Haley to be our ambassador to the United Nations and to sit at the Horse Shoe table of the Security Council, a cabinet level position, has taken my breath away as I celebrate the highest milestone for the Indian American community and the inherent trust that America has in her citizens’ love of America and our cherished Constitution. A trust that we hold dear and honor with our every act to protect these United States from enemies foreign and domestic.

Just a little over 100 years ago they used to be “NINA” signs – which meant No Irish Need Apply. The same sign was used for No Italians Need Apply, and then No Indians Need Apply. But because of America’s ability to continue on its unique path of greatness is why every human being on earth wishes to live in America and be an American citizen. Indian Americans, like every other community that landed on the shores, leaving aside our original sin of slavery, has worked hard and honestly while embracing the American dream that rewards hard work, true grit as John Wayne personified, and love of nation and the human family.

With the appointment of Governor Nikki Haley, America, acknowledged as the world’s sole superpower, POTUS45 (45th President of the US) declares that America will no longer act insecure and engage in John Boltonesque war lust or arrogance, and in its place use Charm and Respect as it’s preferred diplomatic arsenal.

Trump’s Nikki Haley’s appointment, signals that the United States unilaterally declares the end of the rebirth of the Cold War, which in recent years was on a constant simmer to boil over into World War III – such that 40 million Russian citizens were doing weekly anti-nuclear drills.

I now have hope that the Trump presidency will abstain from the discredited “counterbalance” tactic, the Cocaine of Statecraft, a universally discredited tool of statecraft that has brought us the worst conflicts and un-ending wars and perilous interventions, and use Charm and Respect to work wonders that no Insult ever could or did.

A bright new dawn welcomes 193 nations of earth, who are members of the United Nations. Every capital of every nation can now step back, breathe in a long breath of relief, and refocus on finding means and methods of working with your neighbor states to not only enhance peace and security of their nation and the world, but honor Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg covenant: to be a government “for” the people.

While hope may spring eternal, President-elect Trump has announced that it is Spring time in November 2016. As a Democrat, having voted for him to be president of these United States rather than the legally-fatigued Hillary and Bill Clinton, who I knew personally, I am duty-bound to aid and assist the Trump presidency make America greater than it has ever been. To complete Trump’s Confident America Policy ( Philippines’ noisy Duterte are you listening?), appointing Gov. Mitt Romney as our secretary of state will give America a head-to-toe body armor of Charm and Respect. The world just got safer and less mean.

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