General Singh Blasts Indian Media for Distorting Words in “Ruckus” Reporting

General Vijay Kumar Singh, who served as the 26th Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army

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Washington, DC – Former Army Chief General Vijay Kumar Singh, facing criminal defamation charges, blamed the Indian media for reports that he was termed a “nuisance” by a Delhi court, which said his presence creates a “ruckus” in the court room.

In an exclusive interview with India America Today, General Singh said, “The honorable court never said that what the media has used. Court says, ‘Gen. V.K. Singh is a nuisance.’ These words were never used. But obviously somebody is being paid to write such things and they carry on in the rest of the papers.”

General Singh had asked for an exemption from appearing, as he could not be present while traveling in the US. While granting him an absence, the magistrate used the opportunity to condemn the general’s previous appearances in the court room.

According to Indian media reports, Metropolitan Magistrate Jay Thareja said whenever General Singh comes to the court, he brings a crowd with him which produces a “ruckus” and proceedings are hampered.

The general explained, “All he said was, that whenever I am called to the court, obviously there are large number of people who like they come to the court. It is freedom. They can come to the court.”

While granting the general an exemption from personal appearance for the day for the “last time” in the case, the magistrate was quoted as saying, “Whenever he is not appearing, it is better for my proceedings, otherwise the trial gets delayed … My past experience shows that the dates when these persons do not appear, my proceedings go on but when they appear the proceedings get stuck.”

In his exclusive remarks, General Singh told India America Today, “He (the magistrate) feels that it creates an environment that puts him under a little pressure. I don’t know why he should be under pressure. I think they should be used to more crowds…it is a court house…anybody can go and attend. So its more a, you can say, off the cuff remark which has got degenerated in the media.”

The court allowed the plea of the retired general, who had sought exemption from appearance for the day’s proceedings on the grounds that he was in the US and would return to India on August 25.

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