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The use of eDiscovery is here to stay and is fast gaining ground in not only domestic but also in international legal disputes and there lies the importance of an excellent book which can bridge the linguistic, cultural and historical gap in litigation circles across the continents.

Masahiro Morimoto, Founder, CEO & Chairman of UBIC recently released a book, “A Pathway for US Attorneys To Do Business with Japanese Corporation,” to arm the Japanese corporations and the US law firms with knowledge that would make them “understand how to effectively conduct legal business.”

Asked to comment on the role his company plays to make this happen, Morimoto said, “UBIC takes up roles to bridge the gap among various countries with our advanced technology and to make eDiscovery work much better (faster, cheaper and higher quality).”

Speaking during an earlier book signing ceremony on the sidelines of a seminar on “Conducting Legal Business in Japan and the Rest of Asia,” at Yale Club in New York City, he added, “UBIC can help all the players who are involved in eDiscovery and protect the legal principles of ‘Justice & Fairness’ as a leader.” At the seminar, Morimoto highlighted the fact that, “East Asia is one of the fastest growing markets for US legal services, particularly those related to legal discovery and information risk management during litigation or investigation.”

On the inspiration to write the book, Morimoto pointed to the fact that Japanese companies have, “big disadvantage against US companies about eDiscovery in Litigation, due to cultural, historical and language gap.” Noting that the US embraces “Justice & Fairness,” Morimoto felt the need for the book, “to bridge the gap between US & Japan by making the US people aware of the real situation on both sides.”

Morimoto elaborated that he had included in the book the strategy and success behind UBIC’s rapid growth from a relatively unknown company to enabling leading Asian corporations with their successful litigation strategies, to serving the needs of multi-national corporations involved in cross-border litigations globally through its innovative technology, experienced local support and excellent infrastructure.

The latest book by Morimoto delved into details to provide vital insights for US attorneys supporting Japanese eDiscovery projects. Presenting information about the technical, business and cultural obstacles to eDiscovery, the author also showed his expertise by including recommendations on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of eDiscovery management, while managing eDiscovery costs.

Elaborating on how a Japanese-centric eDiscovery service provider could add value, especially in promoting good working relationships between US attorneys and their Japanese clients, the author. a doyen in the field highlighted technology-assisted review and the potential for automation to increase accuracy and cut costs.

Globalization and the advent of eDiscovery at a rapid pace, the book by Morimoto is timely and helpful for multinational companies seeking new ways to manage their US litigation effectively while cutting costs. The book also focused in particular on gathering ESI in Japan and the challenges associated with it.

The book, a successful attempt by Morimoto to fill the void of information about Japanese eDiscovery was published by Global Try earlier this year 2014.

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