Election 2016: Chasing Mirage For A Miracle

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Philadelphia – Clouds of uncertainty and blurry vision have hovered over election campaign of 2016 since both parties – Republicans and Democrats alike – began fielding their line-up of candidates from day one.

Democratic party’s establishment tried to field only one candidate in Hillary Clinton which they preselected as a favorite choice while overlooking others like Bernie Sanders before their candidacy had even tested the waters of primary campaign on their durability and viability to survive primaries, and closing doors on them. So neither preselected candidate, Hillary Clinton nor a popular candidate like Bernie Sanders really passed through the real litmus test through primary.

in the end and they fielded preselected candidate Hilary Clinton in final show-down, posing so many questions which remain unanswered on the character and viability of the candidate to prove a sterling suitability in final lap. On the same token the establishment did everything to stop the better candidate Sanders who could take the coveted prize in the end on just voting pattern and performance. Everything was carried out in background, behind the curtain to create road blocks for Sanders and the establishment took calculated risk on exposure while gambling that its secret is well-sealed until the result of election.

While Grand Old Party (GOP) was already in disarray even when they became involved in the vetting process of candidates for primary season. There was a vacuum in leadership at the top, who could forge even the viable policy or the winning strategy for the coming election. Their leadership in Congress never matured in past eight years of democratic presidency except for their obsession of blocking President Barack Obama at any cost to show a complete gridlock over policy matter.

So the real problem to solve first was to find candidates with charisma, character and ability to solve issue of the day. There was a vacuum on leadership level so any Tom, Dick or Harry was allowed to try the test balloon on candidacy. Right from beginning, the party fielded a crowd so big which could not fit in any debate room. There were over 29 candidates one time during campaign.

Most candidates presented almost nothing on issues of today which could appeal to the voters as a viable GOP candidate and most of voters remain disillusioned until the day of election. Party’s image was so much tarnished by too many factors including it’s GOP members of Congress on the Capitol whose inaptness to solve any issue on national level and creating hostile environment in inclusive terms based on race, gender and color was so prevalent. They all present themselves as a savior of Old America where minorities always took a back seat. No member really projects a vision of Modern America which is true melting pot as a Nation of Immigrants from all continents around the Globe.

When cocky, arrogant billionaire called Donald Trump came in foray of candidacy from nowhere, everyone laughed on his chances on winning. He saw all cats fighting for piece of bread without any substance in return to public. He found a way to go one notch up over the crowd to win the nomination prize. He took a dirty route of demagoguery. He catered the segment in the party on what they wanted to listen out of their false insecurity over their life. Yes, it clicked so well that his efforts to win few votes in primary over close competitor worked fantastically. Then he remained on course to exploit all shortcomings of his democratic opponent Hillary Clinton who gave him that advantage on silver platter and he minced no words to leave any exploits untouched.

In the end, both candidates forced their candidacy on all voters who really wanted a fair and square election where one good candidate wins on virtues while the other candidate loses due to little shortcomings on voter perception. But nation hardly loses anything in their orientation on progressive direction until this election.

In this election season, we saw two vitriolic candidates who just bombarded TV medium with all venom to portray opponent a villain with sainthood on their side. They blamed Russia & neighbor on the southern border but never acknowledged or apologized for wrongdoings on their side which is the real culprit at the root! So that Gentleman or woman touch in admission on guilt was missing throughout the season.

This time around Nation lost its soul, piece by piece when millions of dollars were spent in slinging the mud against each other by both candidates while nation struggled on issues over daily life including health care and education. Candidates were obsessed with veil of secrecy over all personal flaws of character while attacking other candidate on same flaws obscenely and so flagrantly. They thought that common folks can’t get a clue to connect all dots. But they never acknowledged the Polls which consistently indicated that both candidates have great negative auras which American Elections haven’t seen in almost a century.

If America had a crystal ball, this election would have served with correction on all missed opportunities. It would have explored the opportunities for Bernie Sanders who wanted to be a mover and shaker, who wanted to change America with his bold vision which wouldn’t have gone well with establishment. Republican party would have fielded moderate candidate to stop extremism fanned by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz alike. Then voters had wishful thinking that flickering hope of Michael Bloomberg running independently in the race remained alive and finally realized. Even Hillary Clinton should have thought deeply to give up idea on manipulating her candidacy during election.

Only one thing remains for American people to accept all mistakes in stride this time, but to move forward to correct it next time around to make sure that there are more than two candidates in race during next election – one to win, one to lose and rest of them to just provide the balancing act. America of 21st century needs more than two-party system which are just like two sides of the same coin.

There’s one saying of Albert Einstein which needs a revision here. “What can the man of goodwill do to combat this deeply rooted prejudice in America? He must have the courage to set an example by word and deed, and must watch least his children become influenced by this racial bias against fellow men.”

It’s not just for Trump, but also for Hillary Clinton that they set an example by not just word but more in deed too.

America has come a long way, but still has many miles to go.

Kirit Desai
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Kirit Desai  had post graduate degrees from India & USA both - in multiple disciplines. After spending almost 30 years in R & D (as Research Scientist) and research management at a prestigeous Ivy League University, moved into Financial field for past decade & enjoys reading/writing in international business, politics, sports and science/technology. He lives in Delaware valley near Philadelphia.

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